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He’s one of our three directors and oversees the Sales, Marketing and Customer Services Teams. Spencer has over 26 years of experience in the leasing and rental industry including nearly 20 years as a founder of Car Lease Special Offers.

You’ll typically see Spencer writing pieces on larger industry trends, what trends we're seeing and what he expects to continue in the upcoming months. Spencer’s in the best position in our business to provide an overview of what’s happening with leasing because of his years in the industry. 

Spencer has also been a part of the BVRLA's Leasing Broker Committee for the last nine years. Two of which he was the Chairman of the committee and two the Vice Chairman. The Leasing Broker Committee represents over 340 broker members so the position of Chairman is held in high regard. 

He's able to provide insight across the whole industry, from vehicle manufacturing to our customers receiving their keys as he manages the teams who take a car through the entire leasing journey from pricing to delivery.

Outside of work, Spencer enjoys spending time with his family and supporting his local football team, the Saints.

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