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Lexus RC Lease Deals

Winning What Car?’s Car of the Year award in 2020 for reliability, the Lexus RC is a performance-orientated coupe with a range of engines — including a hybrid option — that balances both power and efficiency. 

With a sporty design and a high-tech interior, Lexus RC lease deals are perfect for drivers looking for a car with precision and power that they can rely on. 

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With a range of different models to choose from, starting with the entry-level RC 300h and RC 300h F Sport, you can lease a model to suit your preferences. For a sportier, performance-focused option, take a look at the RC F’s three trim levels, including RC F, RC F Carbon, and RC F Track Edition. 

A rigid chassis ensures great handling and that the car remains agile, while the fin shapes on the side window mouldings and air duct in the rear bumper enhance stability, improving the car’s aerodynamics. 

On the interior, the RC has been designed with a precise layout of controls and gages to ensure everything is within the driver’s reach. 

Who is the Ideal Driver for a Lexus RC Lease? 

Lexus RC lease deals are the perfect option for those looking for an everyday sports car. The model's aerodynamic design means it looks the part externally, with high-quality connectivity features throughout the interior as standard. For a modern car with high-performance capabilities and a hybrid engine option, choose the Lexus RC. 

Compare Lexus RC Lease Deals 

You can compare Lexus RC lease deals with Xcite. We work to find the best leasing option for you over a range of models so you can find your ideal car and lease agreement. Our expert consultants are always happy to answer any questions you might have about Lexus RC models and which would suit you best. 

Leasing is often a cheaper alternative to buying a car with a traditional bank loan or other finance option. At Xcite, we’re not tied to one funder, which means we can compare the very best leasing options on the market to make sure you’re getting the best deal. If you find a better price elsewhere, let us know and we’ll try and match this for you. 

Take a look at our Lexus RC models and leasing deals below to find the perfect option for you, or browse our full Lexus range to compare all models. 

Which Cars Are Similar to a Lexus RC Lease? 

Comparing the Lexus RC with other similar cars can be helpful when choosing which would suit you best. The BMW 4 Series offers a range of powerful engines for dynamic handling and a luxury interior. Like the Lexus RC, it’s known for its sleek design. The Audi A5 and Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe are both strong-performance cars you could compare to the Lexus RC. 

Your Lexus RC Leasing Questions Answered 

Can I Lease a Lexus RC?

Yes, you can lease a Lexus RC model with a deal that suits your requirements. Choose from personal or business loan lease options on a range of models, including petrol and hybrid engines. 

What are the Advantages of Choosing a Lexus RC Lease Deal Over Buying?

Leasing a car is often cheaper than buying with a loan or other finance options. Monthly payments may be lower as you’re not paying off the total cost of the car. Leasing also allows you to change your car more frequently, meaning you can switch to a new car when your lease period is up.

You can also choose from business and personal leasing options for agreements tailored to your needs.

Why Should I Choose Xcite for Lexus RC Lease Deals?

We work to find you the best deals and models from a range of companies, unlike other dealerships that are tied to one financial provider. Because of this, we can compare leases on a range of models to ensure you’re getting the best, most affordable deal on the Lexus RC model of your choice. 

Is the Lexus RC the Right Car for Me?

This depends on your preferences. The Lexus RC is a sporty option for those who enjoy a powerful car. It also comes with top-of-the-range technology and a hybrid option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re looking for a modern, stylish car with power and agility, the Lexus RC could be a great choice. 

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