We’ve previously taken a look at a few of our favourite European car brands – looking at French,  German, and Italian car brands but we’re now looking beyond the continent to the wider world and today we’ve rounded up our top five US car manufacturers below.

1. Ford

The history of Ford infographic showing sales, founding information and car facts

Ford is widely known around the world for their affordable quality cars and the brand is often considered one of the founding companies of today’s modern motor industry with Henry Ford’s moving assembly line.

With the moving assembly line, Ford not only revolutionised their business but the entire motor sector, offering an affordable way to mass-produce vehicles. We recently learnt more about the history of Ford  its founder Henry Ford to learn more about the this and the other major contributions Ford has made to the automotive sector. 

Today Ford offers drivers a whole range of different vehicles from the compact hatchback, the KA, through to the large pickup Ranger and everything in between.

One of Ford’s most popular models was the Ford Mustang which is still produced today, nearly 70 years later. Today’s model maintains the style and power of the original Mustang but with all the modern technology drivers expect.

Today, they’re perhaps best-known in the UK for their two most-popular hatchbacks the Fiesta and the Focus

  • Yellow Ford Mach i
  • Blue Ford Fiesta ST
  • Grey Ford Ranger Thunder
  • Blue Ford Focus

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2. Tesla

The history of Tesla infographic showing sales, founding information and car facts

Tesla is one of the newest car brands on the market but since they arrived on the scene 18 years ago they’ve helped revolutionise the electric sector. The company was founded by a group of engineers in California who wanted to create electric vehicles that offered drivers the same safety, range and style as existing premium vehicles.

The Model S was the world’s first premium-quality fully electric sedan and remains the market leader. It offers drivers one of the longest ranges available, and a high tech and modern interior with plenty of space for all the passengers finished to a high quality.

Though they only offer drivers a small selection of models, these are all market leaders and Tesla remains one of the most popular choices for drivers looking to make the jump to electric.

  • Green Tesla Model S
  • Red Tesla Model 3
  • White Tesla Model X
  • Blue Tesla Model Y

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3. Cadillac

The history of Cadillac infographic showing sales, founding information and car facts

Cadillac was the second American brand to be established, after Buick and so is considered one of the founders of the automotive industry in the USA along with the likes of Ford.

The company was founded in 1902 by Henry Leland who was brought in to appraise the assets of one of Henry Ford’s earlier companies, the Henry Ford Company, as after Ford left the business it was being liquidated. Instead, he persuaded William Murphy and Lemuel Bowen, the financial backers of the business to continue to produce automobiles with Leland and Faulconer Manufacturing Company’s single-cylinder engine. And Cadillac was established.

Henry Leland named the company after Detroit’s founder Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, and their logo was also based on his coat of arms, permanently tying the company to the place of its conception.

In 1908 Cadillac brought the idea of using interchangeable parts into the industry, which was one of the first steps towards modern mass production of vehicles. This was the same year that they won the Dewar Trophy from the prestigious Royal Automobile Club of England and they began to use the slogan Standard of the World.

They were at the front of several advances in the US industry, in 1910 they offered the first passenger car with a fully enclosed cabin and in 1912 they released the first car without a crank instead using an electronic self-starter, ignition and lighting.

The removal of a crankshaft from cars opened them up to female drivers who did not have the same strength as their male counterparts to start the vehicles.

Cadillac was also one of the first brands to offer drivers a choice of colours, and not just between a couple of similar dark tones but more than 500 combinations for drivers to pick from.

Over the years the brand became known for their cars that offered drivers an interior that was designed for comfort using high-quality materials for a luxury finish.

  • White Cadillac ct5 V Blackwing
  • Orange Cadillac ct5 V
  • Black Cadillac ct4
  • White Cadillac Escalade

Today the majority of Cadillac’s sales are still in the USA although they do export to around 30 other countries.

4. Jeep

The history of Jeep infographic showing sales, founding information and car facts

Jeep was a brand formed during World War Two in the 1940s when the American army needed a vehicle.

Three companies responded to the request for bids on a light reconnaissance vehicle, that weighed just a quarter of a ton and was tailored to the US Military’s specifications. These companies were Bantam, Willys and Ford and collectively they designed the MB, which was the very first Jeep.

After the war Jeep continued to develop all-terrain SUVs and has gone on to become recognised around the world for their cars that were not only suitable for all terrains but looked great on any as well.

In fact, in 1951 the Museum of Modern Art even declared Jeep a cultural icon.

Today’s Jeeps remain just as rugged and capable on and off-road but with all the mod-cons we expect in our vehicles, including smartphone interfacing, driver assistance systems and adaptable driving systems.  

  • Grey Jeep Gladiator
  • Black Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Black Jeep Compass
  • Yellow Jeep Wrangler

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5. Chevrolet  

The history of Chevrolet infographic showing sales, founding information and car facts

In 1911 the Swiss racing driver and engineer Louis Chevrolet partnered with his brother Arthur and William C Durant to found Chevrolet. There were also investors who included the CEO of General Motors in Canada, R. S. McLaughlin and former Buick owner James Whiting.

William C Durant had founded General Motors three years earlier but had left after a disagreement with management shortly after the company started. He had previously worked with Buick Motor Company and Flint Wagon Works which is how he first met Louis Chevrolet, as he was hired to drive Buicks in some promotional races.

All this knowledge of the motor industry, as well as the public face of Louis Chevrolet, helped Chevrolet establish itself as a competitor in the emerging American market.

Today they remain a staple of the US automotive market with popular models like the Suburban SUV, Malibu sedan, and the Corvette Stingray sports car.

  • Red Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray
  • Brown Chevrolet Trailblazer
  • Pale Blue Chevrolet Bolt
  • Silver Chevrolet Camaro


Honourable Mention: Chrysler

They didn’t make it into our top five, but we couldn’t write this post without mentioning the other big American car brand Chrysler.

The company was founded by Walter P Chrysler, who worked his way up in the Buick motor company, from chief of production in 1911 to the president of the company in just four years. But Walter wasn’t satisfied with working for another brand, and in 1921 purchased the failing Maxwell Motor Company and used their assets to found the Chrysler Corporation in 1925.

Chrysler offered vehicles to different sectors of the market under different names, including the Plymouth that was an affordable family car and the Dodge range of trucks and pick-ups.

Today the brand is part of the Fiat Chrysler Group and continues to produce large family cars like the Pacifia and Voyage.

The history of Chrysler infographic showing sales, founding information and car facts

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