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Mini Hatchback Lease Deals

The three-door hatchback is considered to be the modern embodiment of the very first Mini Cooper and with its low centre of gravity and go-kart like handling it retains Mini’s unique sense of fun but with all the modern essentials you expect from your new car. 

Today the Mini Hatchback is available as either a three or five-door, and with a range of models and spec options for you to choose from to find your perfect Mini. There's even an electric version for drivers who want a greener car choice. 

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Mini is a British car brand that was founded after WW2 with the aim of creating an affordable hatchback that was large enough to comfortably fit four adults and small enough to get around the busiest of cities. Today this remains at the core of the company's ethos and the hatchback perfectly embodies this.

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Your Mini Hatchback Leasing Questions Answered

What are the Benefits of Leasing the Mini Hatchback?

When you lease a Mini Hatchback, you can drive away a brand-new car for a much lower financial outlay than most other payment methods. You can choose the leasing contract to suit your individual needs at the time, with options ranging from 24 months to 48 months.

You’ll also be able to set your expected annual mileage amount and decide how much you would like to pay upfront, and once your Mini Hatchback lease deal ends, all you’ll need to do is return the car. At this stage, you’re free to search for another deal that suits your personal circumstances.

What is the Range of the Mini Hatchback?

The electric version of the Mini Hatchback is an excellent option, especially for those looking for a greener alternative. It’s estimated that the electric range of the Hatchback can travel up to 145 miles between charges.

What is the Cheapest Mini Hatchback?

The Hatchback is available in three or five-door variations and can be leased for a very cheap price when compared to other similar models. Here at Xcite Car Leasing we work with all of the UK’s leading finance providers and a network of dealers around the country in order to find the best prices for you and you can see all of these offers by simply scrolling up.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Mini Hatchback?

Mini’s electric Hatchback’s charging time will vary depending on the type of charging that is being used, with Mini officially claiming that it can be charged from 0-80% in as little as 36 minutes when hooked up to a 50kW rapid charger.

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