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Ford Puma Lease Deals

The Ford Puma is crossover SUV that offers you a human-centric design, ensuring that all the important controls are within the driver’s reach, the seats for driver and passengers are as comfortable as possible and that there’s plenty of leg and headroom for rear passengers.  

It won the 2020 What Car? Car of the Year award for its bold styling, practicality and size and for three years running since then it has won the small SUV of the year award. 

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Current models are also available with a mild-hybrid powertrain which supports the petrol engine when it needs additional power, reduces the vehicle’s emissions and increases fuel efficiency for a better car for you. 

Ford is an American manufacturer who revolutionised the modern car industry with the invention of the assembly line and since then they have continued to produce models like the Puma that combine fun and functionality.

Compare Ford Puma Lease Deals

Check out all of our Ford Puma leasing offers above and compare these to find the best contract terms and vehicle details for your needs. If you would like to discuss a Ford lease price then our Leasing Consultants are here to help and you can reach the team on 0330 221 0000.

Or if you'd like to compare it with our other Ford offers or similar SUV deals then you can do so.

Your Ford Puma Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a Ford Puma?

There are a number of great reasons to lease your new Ford Puma and we’ve rounded up our top three below:

  • No depreciation worries while driving the car as you’re not the owner
  • A fixed, low monthly cost that can include a maintenance package to avoid unexpected large garage bills
  • A brand-new car with all the benefits that brings: no wear to the vehicle, a manufacturer’s warranty, no MOT for the first three years, all the latest design and tech updates

Is the Ford Puma a Reliable Car?

Yes, Ford is a brand known for creating reliable and dependable models that you can count on, and the Puma is no exception to that.

How Much Does a Ford Puma Cost to Lease per Month?

The exact cost of leasing a Ford Puma is based on a number of factors including the trim level and any additional extras you add to the vehicle as well as the contract terms including the lease length, mileage allowance, maintenance provision and whether it is a business or personal agreement.

Which Cars are the Ford Puma Similar To?

If you’re looking for a small SUV like the Ford Puma then you might also be interested in the Peugeot 2008, Volvo XC40 or the Skoda Kamiq

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