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Audi RS Q3 Lease Deals

Based on the compact SUV Q3, the Audi RS Q3 offers drivers a small and sporty SUV so you can really enjoy driving. It's got a more powerful choice of engines than the Q3 as well as a sportier look so you can really achieve the performance it promises. 

There are currently two trim levels available on the RS Q3 which are the RS Q3 and the sportier RS Q3 Sportback both of which have a petrol engine and automatic gears in order to provide the smoothest transitions and powerful acceleration possible. 

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The RS Q3 has a stylish and sporty look which is designed to reflect the power and performance of the vehicle. Its got a honeycombe grille and vents instead of the vertical rungs on the Q range, LED headlights as standard and the RS Q3 badging on front and rear as well as a choice of three powerful petrol engines depending on the spec you choose.

Like all Audis, the RS Q3 has a high-tech interior with integrated smartphone connectivity, MMI Navigation and their virtual cockpit which digitally shows you all key information behind the steering wheel on a digital screen rather than the traditional dials. These features are just one of the many reasons that Audi is one of the most prestigious German car brands and recognised around the world for it. 

Compare Audi RS Q3 Lease Deals

You can see all of our deals on the RS Q3 above or compare these to the rest of the Audi range to find the best new Audi lease for you. 

We work hard to find the very best RS Q3 lease deals on the market, with the UK's leading funders and an extensive network of dealers across the country, so you can be sure that our prices will be some of the cheapest on the market. However, if you do manage to find a better deal then let us know and we'll try to match it for you.

Your Audi RS Q3 Leasing Questions Answered

Should I Lease an Audi RS Q3?

The RS Q3 is a great choice for your next leasing option, as it provides a lot more power than similar alternatives.

Leasing has many benefits including that you also don’t need to worry about things like value depreciation, as you can simply hand the car back in at the end of the fixed contract and look for a newer model.

What are the Main Features of the RS Q3?

The honeycomb grill and vents give the RS Q3 a much sportier look than most other Audi models, and it is the ideal choice for drivers specifically looking for power on the road.

It also has a high-tech touchscreen and infotainment system, as well as heated electric seats for ultimate driver and passenger comfort. 

How Fast is the RS Q3?

Not that you’ll ever need it to reach these levels, but the maximum speed of the Audi RS Q3 is estimated to be around 155mph. 

Where is the RS Button Located on the RS Q3?

If you’re looking for that extra bit of power from your car, the RS button is located on the steering wheel. It also lets you access two drive modes that you can set up yourself to suit your individual driving needs.

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