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Audi A7 Lease Deals

The Audi A7 pairs the space and practicality of a saloon with the stylings of a coupe to create a practical yet beautiful car. The rear passenger seats and boot capacity are perfect if you’re looking for a family car but don’t want to give up the effortless performance of an Audi or the sleek looks of a coupe.

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Like all Audis, the A7 has a high-tech finish with Audi’s virtual cockpit, fully integrated smartphone connection, MMI Navigation Plus and wireless charging options. 

It’s currently available in four models, each of which have a number of trim levels, and these are the A7 Sportback, A7 TSFI e, S7 Sportback and the RS 7 Sportback.  Across the range, there's petrol, diesel and hybrid engines available with an automatic gearbox for powerful and smooth speed changes. 

Audi are one of the biggest exports from Germany and in the A7 it's easy to see why! The A7 might not be as popular as the A1 hatchback or the Q3 SUV but it's still class leading in terms of comfort and power.

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We've got a whole range of deals across different mileage allowances, lease lengths and spec options and you can compare them all above. Or you can filter them based using our handy search tool.

We know that it's not just the deals across the A7 range you'll want to compare but also other Audis and saloon vehicles which you can do by checking out all our deals. Our Sales Team will also be able to help you and you can get in touch with them on 0330 221 0000.

Your Audi A7 Leasing Questions Answered

How Much is an Audi A7 Per Month When Leased?

Lease deals are dependent on your personal specifications that you choose, as well as variables like the length of contract, initial rental payment, car type, mileage allowance and maintenance packages. 

We work to get the best deals possible for our customers and this means that our offers can change as the deals do but we work hard to keep our website up to date with all of the latest deals.

Is the Audi A7 a Luxury Car?

The A7 can definitely be classified as a luxury car, and it has even won awards in this category, such as the 2019 World Luxury Car at the New York Auto Show. The high-tech finish is combined with state of the art Audi technology, such as the MMI Navigation Plus and Audi's premium touches. 

Is Leasing an Audi A7 Better Than Buying?

There are many benefits to leasing an Audi A7, including the lower initial rental payment and the simple process from start to finish. You will also have the assurance that your price will be fixed for the duration of your lease contract, so there’ll be no nasty hike in prices. There’s no need to worry about value depreciation either, as you can return the car with no hassle at the end of the deal.

Is the Audi A7 Manual or Automatic?

Xcite Car Leasing provide deals for the A7 as an automatic, in petrol, diesel and hybrid models.

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