Say hello to Sharon Samways! 👋

Sharon joined the team at Xcite Car Leasing in summer 2021 and is one of our most recent members of the Sales Team.

She’s been a part of the motoring industry for 22 years though and has worked with a number of different manufacturers so has extensive knowledge of the industry.

As a Leasing Consultant Sharon will help you find your next perfect lease car and is there to answer any questions you have on specific vehicles or the leasing process.

Though she’s only been here a short time, and little of that has been spent in the office she’s gotten to know the sales and wider Xcite team, and the team camaraderie is one of the things she likes about the role. Another aspect is the work-life balance that allows her to spend more time with her family, particularly with working from home flexibility.

What Sharon's colleagues say about her:

"Sharon is one of our new starters and brings with her a wealth of BMW knowledge and great attention to detail. Good luck saying no to her if she is dealing with your enquiry!"

Sharon passed her driving test on her second attempt at 21 years old and she learnt to drive in her first car which was a grey Peugeot 405 Diesel Saloon.

Sharon loves all kinds of travelling, not just driving. She spent two years on and off travelling around the world and met amazing people who she still counts as friends to this day and has many wonderful memories from the trip.

Current Sharon is driving a white Audi A3 S-Line which she has on a lease, so she understands the customer side of the leasing process from personal experience. She loves the quality of drive and the size of her car.

Her favourite car which she hopes to have before she turns 50 is a black Range Rover Sport. However, her dream car would be a Porsche 992 Turbo S in their crayon colour.

When she’s driving Sharon likes to listen to soulful music like Tracy Chapman.


Peugeot 405 image sourced: https://classicsworld.co.uk/news/market-trends-pininfarina-peugeot/, Porsche 922 Turbo S image sourced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpRT0heu3IA 

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