Say hello to Sam Bliss! 👋

Sam joined in August 2021 as part of our corporate team. He works alongside Ben as a Corporate Sales Executive, which means he provides our business clients with support with their vehicle procurement for their fleet as well as helping individual drivers find the best company car for them.

Sam really likes the atmosphere and working culture of Xcite Car Leasing, as well as the work-life balance he now has with his weekends free to spend time with his family.

What Sam's colleagues say about him:

"He's a bit funny looking, but a good egg."

Sam learnt to drive as soon as he was able to pass his test at 17 years old after just three months of lessons.

His first car was a Vauxhall Corsa Breeze, which was red but so faded it looked pink.

Since then Sam’s upgraded to his current Silver Fox Grey Ford Fiesta ST. He’s partial to a hot hatch and loves the Fiesta ST as it combines the high performance and stylish looks with the practicality of a large boot and easy to use controls.

His favourite car would be a BMW, though there’s too many for him to choose just one model. BMW is a brand that he’s always liked and thinks is particularly stylish.

His dream car though would be a Ferrari.

When he’s driving you can usually find Sam listening to dance music though he will listen to most things if there aren’t any dance tunes on the Radio.


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