Say hi to Nick Dewey! 👋

He’s been a vital part of our Sales Team for six years now and as part of the team works hard to ensure our customers get the car they’re looking for with the lease terms they need at an affordable price. He's recently moved into his current role of Client Retention Specialist which means he looks after our customers at the end of their contracts helping with extensions and renewals. 

Because of the time he’s been with the company there’s little that Nick doesn’t know about leasing and he even specialised in van leases for a while so he knows about all kinds of vehicles as well.

Nick passed his driving test at 17 years old and is currently driving a lease vehicle that he got through Xcite Car Leasing.

What Nick's colleagues say about him:

“Nick’s the oracle of the office and knows everything there is to know. He’s a calm head in stormy waters and always there to help the team.”

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