Say Hi to John Deane! 👋

John is one of the newest members of the team, joining us in early September 2022 as the new National Sales Manager.  

His role is based mainly on the corporate side of our business and he helps to raise awareness of the brand and onboarding new clients who want to use our fleet management services. John meets with clients around the country

Although he’s only been here for a short time John has enjoyed his time with the company and says the foundation of the business is built on great people and good customer service which he aims to provide as part of the team as well.

John passed his test on the second attempt as a teenager and was soon driving his sporty blue Vauxhall Cavalier GLS Coupe.

He’s now in a much newer silver VW Amarok which he loves as he plays field sports in his spare time and the Amarok is a great off roader.

His current favourite car was his BMW 530e company car which was great to drive and let him get around easily and comfortably which is important as his role involved a lot of travelling. John’s currently got a new Polestar 2 on order for his new company car and hopes this will be just as smooth a drive but powered by electric.

His dream car however is something a little less practical in the Aston Martin DB7 though he’d pair it with one of the new Land Rover Defenders for the weekend so he could still get his off roading fix.

When driving John likes to listen to Smooth Wiltshire as it keeps him calm and in the right frame of mind for work.  

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