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Harry’s our Pricing and Procurement Manager, and has been a part of the Xcite Car Leasing team for six years. He started at Xcite as a Pricing Executive which involved getting the price from all our funders for each and every vehicle on the market and then making sure we choose the best rates for our customers. He still helps with this but his new role also focuses on sourcing new vehicles at the best possible prices, and managing our team of Pricing Executives. 

Being at the business for so long Harry’s had plenty of time to get a feel for the company, and he really enjoys the friendly working environment.

Another aspect Harry likes about Xcite Car Leasing is the potential for every member of staff to grow and develop their personal skills. He’s benefited from this himself, recently completing a Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business.

What Harry's colleagues say about him:

“Harry is the most dependable person I know. He goes the extra mile for us all the time and we wouldn’t be where we are without him! However, he puts crisps in his tuna sandwich, so not everyone's perfect!”

Harry’s been driving since he was 17, passing his test within six months, and his first car was a blue Citroen Saxo, which he loved as it was the same one as on Gavin and Stacey.

He currently leases his VW Golf 1.6 TDI GT DSG through us. Harry thinks it’s a great car to drive especially as he covers so many miles on his hour-long trip into the office each morning. The DSG gearbox is a dream to drive with making the M27 traffic bearable.

Harry’s current favourite car is the Audi RS5  because of how stunning it is, particularly in Audi’s signature red.

Although he loves the Audi RS5 his dream car would be a black Aston Martin DB11. Harry thinks it’s a beautiful car to look at with a performance to match. The only thing that really puts Harry off the DB11 is the price tag.

As our resident musician Harry doesn’t really listen to just one particular song, or even genre, when he’s driving. It really depends on what kind of mood he’s into or what kind of inspiration he’s looking for but his collection spans from Holy by Deaf Havana to Days Like These by Van Morrison. However, he does love to listen to a podcast on his long drives to and from the office. His current top pick is That Peter Crouch Podcast.

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