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With any leased vehicle, you can benefit from a fixed monthly charge, on top of your lease rental, that will cover the cost of your car's maintenance during the agreement. This will cover your servicing, replacement tyres and other consumables. 

This means fixed costs and lower regular payments to avoid any unexpected bills when it comes to your new car for complete peace of mind. 

What's Included With a Maintained Lease Car?

  • All scheduled servicing for the duration of the lease, including MOT's (if applicable)
  • Replacement of perishable items (bulbs, batteries, exhausts etc)
  • Roadside assistance including European breakdown assistance
  • Replacement tyres for punctures, fair wear and accidental damage*

This is just a general idea of what will be included with a maintenance package as each funder offers slightly different services, and may have levels of maintenance package with optional extras. If you'd like to learn more about what each of our funders offers specifically then we recommend taking a look at our lease maintenance guide which breaks down the packages by funder. 

What's Not Included With a Maintained Lease Car?

As well as specifying what will be covered by your maintenance agreement all lease funders will clearly explain what they will not cover. This is so that you are aware that there may be some things, such as damage due to vandalism, that you or your insurer will still need to pay for. 

Generally, what will not be included in the package is: 

  • Repairs and mechanical work based on driver induced faults / errors and accidental damage
  • Replacement car based on an insurance claim 
  • Windscreen replacement or repair
  • Replacement of lost or broken items e.g buttons, aerials or hub caps
  • Incorrect fuelling of a vehicle e.g diesel into a petrol engine

Again if you'd like to learn more about the specific funder guidance or simply want to learn more about leasing then we have a range of useful guides to help you understand the leasing process, additional products, vehicle safety and even choosing the right car. 

*please speak to your sales representative for confirmation on tyres replacements as some funders work slightly differently to others

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