The £50 Challenge for Julia's House

On June the 17th and 18th Wessex Fleet and Car lease Special Offers take on the £50 challenge for Julia’s House, a children's hospice charity based in Wiltshire and Dorset doing incredible work support young children and their families when support is needed the most.

The challenge is simple, take £50 from the charity and make a profit from it in a fun and intriguing way.

Not to be outdone, Spencer Blake (Director) and Will Bullen (Marketing Manager) have decided to make the challenge a little more epic than your normal cake sale. They have decided to push their limits and maybe their friendship, by spending 11 hours in a car together travelling to Stuttgart Germany.  

If this wasn’t enough, the challenge is that they can only use £50 to get themselves from Salisbury to the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart.

That’s 11 hours driving, 1 ferry, 3 countries, 650 miles and only £50 to pay for fuel, tolls and the ferry.

Their chosen means of travel is a Mercedes C350e – this is a plug-in hybrid electric car. BUT if you think this is cheating then you would be very wrong. Although the car comes with an electric and petrol engine, the electric side only comes with a range of 20 miles and the petrol engine comes with 292bhp which doesn’t give it the range of a diesel car.

The boys will set off very early on the Monday morning, hoping to get the 4am ferry across the water to France and plan to be at the Museum before it closes at 6pm.

A big thank you to all our current Sponsors: Mercedes-Benz South West, Bluebee, Carwow, Require Consultancy, Leden Group and Signs Express Salisbury

If you would like to donate to this brilliant charity and support this epic challenge please head to our just giving page:


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