In recent years we’ve seen a rise in the number of people looking for larger vehicles that you can fit even more passengers and belongings into. Alongside the rise in demand, we’ve seen a growing number of seven-seaters on the market available with petrol, diesel, and even hybrid and electric engines.

In this piece we’re going to round up our top five pick of seven-seaters that are currently available for you to lease or buy today.

1. Volvo XC90

volvo xc90 best 7 seater

In top spot we’ve got the Volvo XC90 which is the largest of Volvo’s SUVs.

Volvo are a brand that’s known for their safe and reliable vehicles which is why they’re a favourite of drivers around the world, in particular for those with children in the car.

The XC90 has been on the market for over ten years and has been a favourite of families since it first arrived.  

Like most seven-seaters there are three rows of seat, two in the front, three in the middle row and two in the back row, that can be laid flat to extend the boot space for you, though there’s still plenty of room in the boot with all seven seats in use. Unlike other models, the XC90 comes with seven seats as standard no matter the engine and trim level you choose.

The interior quality is top of the line and rivals some of the more luxurious brands with a decluttered dashboard and most of the controls now operated through the central touchscreen console. There are also optional comfortable seats and brushed metal touches give it a more premium interior.

It’s also currently available as a plug-in hybrid model if you’re looking for something a little greener, and it offers around 30 miles of purely electric range.

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2. Audi Q7

audi q7 best 7 seater

The second seven-seater to make it into our top five is the Audi Q7, which is a luxury SUV that offers you an interior designed to be comfortable and functional whilst maintaining the style and sense of opulence that Audi are known for.

The Q7 comes with the option of four-wheel drive and air suspension to ensure it remains stable on any terrain and to give you some off-road capabilities though it handles best on tarmac.

Previous Q7 editions were considered a bit bulky but the current model is over 300 kg lighter, and it shows! You might expect the lighter weight to come with a smaller interior, to help shed the extra pounds but that’s not the case, it remains one of the most spacious seven-seat SUV on the market. All seven seats are comfortable for an adult to sit in and there’s enough room in the boot for all their luggage. 

Another plus for the Q7 is that all six passenger seats have proper Isofix points to secure a child seat, so you can be sure that all your children will be safe and secure, no matter where they sit in the vehicle.

3. Peugeot 5008

peugeot 5008 best 7 seater

The Peugeot 5008 might not be the most well-known seven-seaters on the road but it’s one of the best, which is why it’s made it into our top five.

Like many of the newer Peugeot models the 5008 is designed to stand out from the crowd and has a road presence you can’t ignore, with its imposing front, square rear end and wide range of bold colour choices. On the interior, it’s just as stylish with a wrap-around dashboard and large infotainment touchscreen console in the centre of it.

Unlike some of the other models on this list, it doesn’t have four-wheel drive options or off-road capabilities but if you don’t have many narrow country lanes to navigate then this shouldn’t really be an issue for you. However, the suspension does smooth out bumpier roads and ensures a comfortable drive for all passengers.

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4. Land Rover Discovery

land rover discovery best 7 seater

We couldn’t write about the top seven-seaters without mentioning one of the best known and beloved manufacturers – Land Rover. The Land Rover Discovery is the one we’ve gone for as it embodies the pairing of functionality and fun that the brand is known for.

It’s also got the best off-roading capabilities of the five options that we’ve picked as well as offering up to 3,500 kg of towing capability.

There’s plenty of room on the interior, with the wide cabin offering seats in the second and third rows that are comfortable for adults to sit in during longer journeys.

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5. Skoda Kodiaq 

skoda kodiaq best 7 seater

The final model to make it onto our top five is the Skoda Kodiaq.

It’s the first Skoda to have seven seats and offers drivers a near-perfect  combination of practicality, affordability, comfort and style.

There are a number of different spec options to choose from, but you get automatic emergency braking, rear parking sensors, dual climate controls and an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment centre with smartphone mirroring as standard across them all.

The Kodiaq is not as large as some of the other models on our list but it is still extremely spacious on the interior with enough room for seven adults to fit comfortably with the sliding middle row and with a spacious boot for any cargo you have.

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If you’re looking for something a little smaller for your family then you might want to check out our top five family cars or take a look at our other top fives if you’re looking for a particular body shape, brand or country of origin.

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