Top 5 Hatchbacks

No matter what you’re looking for in a car you’ll find a lot of it in a hatchback so it’s no wonder that some of the most popular models in the world fall into this category.

They’re generally smaller than estates, saloons and SUVs, so are easier to get around the city in and into tight parking spots. Although they might be small on the outside today’s hatchbacks are larger than you’d expect on the inside, with plenty of room for your friends or a growing family.

In the case of hot hatches, they’re also extremely fun to drive! 

Take a look at our top five picks of current hatchbacks below.

1. Ford Focus

ford focus best hatchback

Ford is the founder of the motor car, so it’s no surprise that they’ve got a model that dominates the hatchback arena in the Ford Focus.

The Focus is one of Ford’s best-known models and just a few years ago was the bestselling car in the world.

The fourth-generation Focus is larger than its predecessors with a boot capacity of 375 litres and a longer wheelbase meaning more space for rear passengers, and a great option if you're looking for a family car.

The newer version looks more expensive and classier than previous models, thanks to its clean modern interior finished with soft-touch plastic and gloss-black accents throughout. It’s also kitted out with all of Ford’s latest tech from the floating tablet-style infotainment centre to safety technology like pre-collision assist.

It's available with petrol, diesel and mild-hybrid powertrains in over ten different spec options.

But the Focus isn’t all about practicality, its also incredibly fun to drive, with sharp handling and great body control. The ST also has lower suspension and, sitting alongside the RS is one of the fastest Focus models available.

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2. Volkswagen Golf

vw polo best hatchback

Just like the Ford Focus, the Volkswagen Golf is one of the most popular hatchbacks of all time. Along with the Polo the Golf is one of two hatchbacks that Volkswagen are best known for.

Among the biggest selling cars in Europe, the Golf sets the benchmark for family hatchbacks and the Mk8 continues that.

There’s plenty of room in the Golf with a boot capacity of 380 litres and spacious backseats which are comfortable in all trim options.

Every Golf includes as standard stop-start technology, electronic stability control, and Apple CarPlay.

This edition builds on the previous car’s extensive range of engine and trim levels with twelve different models, including the sportier GTI that can do 0-60 mph in only 6.2 seconds.

Across most models, the Golf offers economic running costs - one of the reasons it's so popular with drivers of all ages.

There’s also an electric version available, the e-Golf, which is a great option to look at if you’re wanting to move to an electric hatchback.

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3. Honda Civic

honda civic hatchback

Unsurprisingly, considering Honda has been selling this car for so long, the Civic is one of their best-known vehicles. The Civic first hit the market in the 70s and over forty years later it remains a great choice for first time and repeat hatchback buyers alike.

The latest edition has a striking, almost futuristic appearance with its angular lines and modern interior.

It's also the biggest Civic yet, with a large interior space and a lot of storage including an enviable 478 litre boot, although this does drop to 420 litres in the 1.5 litre and Type R.

Not only does the Civic have plenty of room, but it also offers you good power and high fuel economy across a good portion of its engine options making it an efficient and affordable choice for your next car.

There’s a number of different models available, including the Type R that won What Car?’s Car of the Year 2020. The Civic is also available in saloon and coupe versions.

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4. SEAT Leon 

seat leon best hatchback

Often compared with the VW Golf, which shares its platform, the SEAT Leon is considered to be one of the benchmark vehicles for hatchbacks, so we had to include it on our list.

Recently revamped, the Leon stands out for its unique looks, and the angular styling also gives the car a more aerodynamic silhouette. Not only does the SEAT Leon look great, it also drives well, too, with keen, dynamic handling.

It’s packed with all the latest tech, from Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control and Emergency Assist 3.0 through to SEAT Connect to keep you connected even on the longest drive.

You can choose from a range of trim levels, from the entry-level SE, the FR and FR Sport through to the more luxurious EXCELLENCE and EXCELLENCE Lux.  

If you’re impressed by the Leon but think you might need a little more room than the hatchback offers, it’s also available as an estate.

Whether you’re buying or leasing the SEAT Leon is one of the cheapest hatchbacks on the market so you can be sure you’re getting great value for money.

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5. Audi A3 Sportback

audi a3 best hatchback

Audi are a brand known for their premium cars that look great and drive fast, and the A3 is no exception.

The A3 Sportback is a well-rounded family hatchback that pairs Audi’s high-quality finish with the comfort you look for in a family car and the speed of a hot hatch on the S3 and RS3 models.

With a range of TSI (petrol) and TDI (diesel) engines, the A3 Sportback is a sensible choice for any driver. But with Audi’s optional Progressive Steering, which uses a variable ratio rack, it can handle twisting country roads as easily as high-speed motorways.

Inside the latest model, the Audi Virtual Cockpit offers you all the latest tech, with options including a 3D mapping system, smartphone interface, parking sensors and cruise control.

The A3 is a great choice if you want the fun of driving a fast car but need the practicalities of a family car, and it's also available as a saloon if you want a little more room.

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Honourable Mention: Mazda 3

mazda 3 best hatchback

Although it didn’t make the cut for our top five we wanted to highlight the Mazda 3 as another great hatchback.

Mazda is known for its driver-focused cars that are designed to maximise the joy of driving and the fourth generation of the Mazda 3 is no different. This eye-catching car is fun to drive, with quick steering and slick gear changes, and made from high-quality materials.

There is also a saloon version of the Mazda 3 available if you’re looking for something a little larger.

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