The 10 Best Car Picks for Your First Car

Choosing your first car can be a difficult decision and these days the options available to you are wider than ever, not just for the car itself but also the options you have to fund it. As well as buying a new or second-hand vehicle outright or through a finance plan you can also lease. 

Leasing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for young drivers as it offers you the chance to drive a brand new vehicle without having to pay the full value upfront.

If you’re trying to decide if leasing is the right choice for your first car then take a look at our helpful guide.

We’ve rounded up our best pick of ten cars that are great first cars and all available to lease.

1.Ford Fiesta: 

ford fiesta for first car

The Ford Fiesta is one of the UK’s bestselling superminis year after year, having created a reputation as a fun-to-drive first car that also provides great performance and reliability.

With its sporty-looking and agile exterior it’s just as exciting to look at as it is to drive, and with competitive running prices and efficient fuel economy the Fiesta combines this excitement with the practicality you look for in a first car.

The MyKey feature allows you to impose a number of behaviour related settings, such as maximum speed, maximum volume for the radio and a seatbelt reminder. The settings are linked to the key that opens and drives the vehicle so when another key is used the normal settings take over.

2.Skoda Fabia: 

skoda fabia first car

The Skoda Fabia is a great first car. It’s small, easy to drive, cheap to run and is full of features to make life easier like luggage hooks in the boot, a holster for your phone and a variable boot floor for all your luggage needs.  

The current third-generation Fabia received a facelift in 2018 to keep it competing with other models in the supermini sector, so it's not only practical, but great to look at as well.

If you need a lot of boot space, there's also the estate version with a larger boot. Both the estate and hatchback versions have great cabin room, with plenty of space for adults in the rear seats.

3.Volkswagen Polo: 

vw polo first car

The Volkswagen Polo has been a popular first choice for nearly 40 years.

Since its first-generation, the Polo has been recognised as one of the very best superminis on the markets and the latest edition was named What Car?'s Small Car of the Year for 2019.

The sixth-generation has more room than ever, with a boot that’s 25% larger than its predecessor and a spacious cabin. In this edition, there are options that include a digital active info display cluster and the base-spec S comes with autonomous emergency braking, ABS and air conditioning.

Across all models the steering is precise and noise from the road is minimal even when driving on a busy motorway.

The Polo comes in a range of engine options for you to choose from but for first-time drivers the 1.0 litres will probably be the most appealing as they’ll fall into the lowest insurance class.

4.Vauxhall Corsa: 

vauxhall corsa first car

Another car that’s been a popular choice for first-time buyers and leasers for several years now is the Vauxhall Corsa. 

The sporty hatchback has been through many variations since it was first launched on the market in 1982, with major revamps to its design, including the launch of the 2020 fully electric Corsa-e.

With the Corsa, Vauxhall offers drivers a balance of style, interior space and great drivability at competitive buying and leasing prices. There's plenty of headroom for adult passengers to fit in the rear seats, although the legroom may be a little snug for your taller friends.

Low insurance groups mean the Corsa is an excellent choice for a first car.

5.SEAT Ibiza: 

seat Ibiza first car

The SEAT Ibiza is an award-winning car that looks as stylish on the inside as it does the outside.

Despite the sporty exterior and drive the Ibiza has a comfortable ride and hi-tech interior with options including keyless entry, auto-headlights and a digital cockpit.

This all-round performer is spacious and practical with a well-sized boot and several useful cubby holes throughout the vehicle for you and your passengers to store essentials.

6.Kia Picanto:

kia picanto first car

The Kia Picanto is instantly eye-catching and combines this style with driving substance making it a brilliant compact car.

A compact car is always a great choice for your first car, as they’re small, easy to get around town and even easier to park. Most compact cars are also cheap to run, and like the Picanto have great fuel economy.

The third generation of this model was named City Car of the Year 2019 by What Car? which is no surprise. The Picanto has light, responsive steering, five doors and the entry level model comes with a lot of safety and security features like a brake assist system as standard.

Even if you’re wanting to buy rather than lease, the Picanto is a great choice as it comes with a seven-year warranty.

With great fuel economy and the third generation’s sportier design, the Picanto is a practical and appealing first car.

7.Toyota Aygo:

toyota aygo first car

The Toyota Aygo is a great choice for a first car if you’re looking for a stylish city car.

The Aygo has compact dimensions with comfortable seats for all, although it can be a little snug for passengers in the rear seats.

Cheap running costs and economic fuel economy coupled with the smartphone optimised infotainment centre and reversing camera, make the Aygo a cost-efficient choice for your first car.  

You can customise a number of different aspects of the Aygo to really make the car your own, including interior and exterior trim options.

8. Hyundai i10:

hyundai i10 first car

The Hyundai i10 is a car that combines style and practicality.

Unlike some of the other superminis on the market, the i10 can handle motorway driving as easily as it can smaller country and city roads. The light handling and sturdy grip make it a safe drive no matter the road, and its compact size means the i10 is easy to park in any space.

Hyundai give all their cars a five-year warranty, so whether you lease or buy you’ll be covered for the first five years.

The simple yet sophisticated look of the i10 combined with its cheap running costs makes it an excellent choice for your first car.

9. Fiat 500:

fiat 500 first car

The Fiat 500 is a frequent sight on UK roads, and with its low running costs is a popular choice for drivers of all ages.

The compact city car offers drivers a sense of style and charm with its retro design.

With several models and spec variants, there’s plenty of choice if you decide the 500 is the right car for you. It comes with a five-inch infotainment system, USB connectivity and seven speakers as standard on the entry-level Pop line and you can upgrade to the Lounge trim for features like rear parking sensors.

The only drawback with the 500 is that compared to other compact cars on the market the rear seats can be a little cramped for adults.

10.Nissan Micra: 

nissan micra first car

The Nissan Micra is a cult classic, that stands out for its unique design.

Although it’s been redesigned several times the five-door hatchback has always offered first-time drivers a combination of practicality and great driving.

Options include rear parking sensors, Nissan intelligent key with start push button, cruise control and smartphone integration.

The Micra has also been recognised with the New Car of the Year and Supermini of the Year at the 2019 First Car awards.

You can browse all our top leasing offers on these and many other great cars here to find the best lease deal for your first car.

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