Top 5 Convertible Cars

Convertibles are some of the most desired vehicles on the road, for their striking and recognisable exteriors and fast powerful performance. However, a convertible’s standout feature is its retractable roof, which not only allows you to enjoy nice weather, but also the noise of driving a fast and powerful car on performance models like the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet.

In the past, convertibles have often been seen as less stable because of the loss of chassis rigidity from the lack of a hardtop roof. However, the performance of most modern-day convertibles is comparable with their coupe counterparts.

We've taken a look at all the convertibles that are currently available to lease and buy to choose our top five. Take a look at these below to see if you agree with our choices. 

1. Mini Cooper Convertible

mini cooper best convertible

The Mini Cooper is a British road icon that has been on the roads since 1961 with the convertible first appearing not long afterwards and going on to become one of the UK’s best selling convertibles.

On its third generation now, the Mini Convertible won Auto Express’ Convertible Car of the Year in 2018, after it received some updated touches, like the new badge, Union Jack LED rear lights and more personalisation options than ever before.

The superb chassis means that despite the soft top the car maintains the go-kart-like handling that you expect from Mini, and the electric roof opens in just 18 seconds.

There are three models the Cooper, Cooper S which are both available in three trim options; Cooper, Sport and Exclusive and the John Cooper Works. There are economic engine options that are still fun to drive and a range of colours, wheels, seat trims and roof options so there’s sure to be a Mini Convertible that suits you.

2. Audi TT Roadster

Audi tt roadster best convertible

Since 1999, the Audi TT Roadster has been a favourite of car lovers everywhere. It’s considered one of the most stylish convertibles in its class and the newest generation is no exception.

Audi have worked hard on the latest model to strengthen the chassis so that there’s less of the wobble and shake that you get from a convertible.

The roof is a triple layer fabric roof, which helps to reduce the interior noise when up, and takes just ten seconds to fold into the boot space.

On the inside, the TT Roadster is finished to the high quality you expect from the German manufacturer, and the Audi Virtual Cockpit replaces the analogue dials with a less cluttered digital dashboard.

Even the entry-level model has 195 bhp – no small figure, especially for a car of this size –while the TTS and TT RS versions have upwards of 300bhp. There are models available with front-wheel drive, which is agile and fun to drive, and Audi’s quattro four-wheel-drive that has great grip and secure cornering.

The TT Roadster is available in the Sport, S Line, Black Edition and Vorsprung trims. The TTS is also available in Roadster, Black Edition and Vorsprung trims and the TT RS has Roadster, Audi Sport Edition and Vorsprung trims. 

3. Porsche 911 Cabriolet

porsche 911 best convertible

First introduced in 1981 the Porsche 911 is one of the most desired convertibles on the market, with its timelessly elegant and recognisable silhouette.

The Cabriolet is a soft-top convertible with a roof that drops in just 12 seconds even when driving up to 30 mph, which really lets you enjoy the sound of the six-cylinder engine.

With a 0-60 time of under 4 seconds in the Carrera S and Carrera 4S models, the 911 Cabriolet is one of the fastest convertibles on the road today.

Although the 911 Cabriolet retains Porsche's styling and elegance of the past, it adds all the technology of the modern day, like Porsche Advance Cockpit  and lane-keeping assist, which includes traffic signal recognition.

4. Mazda MX-5 Roadster

mazda mx5 best convertible

The MX-5 Roadster has been one of the world’s bestselling convertibles since it first appeared in the late 80s, with it’s simple yet functional design and low weight that makes it great fun to drive.

Now in its fourth generation, the MX-5 Roadster is smaller and lighter than ever, and the narrow tyres provide good grip on the road but also lets you push the car without having to speed. The steering is ultra-responsive while the rear wheel driver provides great balance and handling at higher speeds.

The MX-5 is the only one on our list that’s available with a hardtop in the MX-5 Roadster RF model. This has a retractable coupe metal roof, that offers the quieter, more secure and practical benefits of a coupe.

There are five trim levels: the SE-L, the Sport, the R-Sport, Sport Tech, GT Sport Tech and the R-Sport Special Edition, along with a range of accessories to really personalise the car.

5. Mercedes-Benz E Class Cabriolet

Mercedes e class best convertible

A four-seat convertible is rare, but what’s even rarer is one with the rear seat passenger space and decent boot size like of the E Class Cabriolet.

Unlike the Mini Convertible which can sometimes feel a little small in the backseat, the E Class Cabriolet offers space for four adults to fit comfortably.

The E Class Cabriolet sits in Mercedes’ catalogue between the smaller C Class Cabriolet and more luxurious and expensive S Class Cabriolet.

Comfort is the top priority for the E Class, with soft suspension and high-quality interior materials. There’s also additional options that include two 12 inch touchscreens instead of the traditional instrument clusters and infotainment console, remote services via the Mercedes-me app, and ambient lighting.

With a multilayer fabric roof which helps block outside noise when up, and can be lowered in just 20 seconds the E Class Cabriolet is a great choice for UK roads.

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If there’s another convertible you wanted to see in the top five let us know in the comments below.

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