We know that moving can be a stressful time and there’s a lot for you to do but one thing that it’s important to do once you’ve moved into your new home and that’s to update your address.

There are a number of people you’ll need to update your address with; banks, utility providers, the tv licencing agency and many more but it’s important that you remember to update your address on your driving documents.

These include:

As well as several other possible parties depending on your driving situation.


Updating the Address on Your Driving Licence

You are legally required to notify the DVLA of any changes to your details which includes your name, address and any medical conditions. This is the case regardless of whether you have a full or provisional driving licence.

If you do not notify them within a timely manner then you could face a fine of £1,000.

To update your address you can do this online or via a posted application.

If you also need to update your name then you will need to do this via the post, as they usually require additional proof of your name change.

You can also update your photograph if you would like to, but there would be a charge of £14 for this. Any other changes that you need to make to your details on your driving licence will be free of charge.

In order to update your address, you’ll need your current driving licence, to be a resident of Scotland, Wales or England (there’s a different process for Northern Ireland) to have the addresses for the properties you have lived for the past three years and to not currently be banned from driving.

Once you have completed the application you will also need to cut your old licence in two and post this to the DVLA. This is something you must do and is not optional. You will be advised of the address to send the old licence to when the application is completed and this must be done as soon as you have done so, as the licence will no longer be valid.

You will still be able to drive while waiting for your new driving licence to arrive.

If you are moving outside of Great Britain then you will not be able to have your new address on your driving licence and will need to contact the driving licence authority in your new country of residence.

You can find out more about any medical conditions you need to notify the DVLA of on the driving with a medical condition section of this guide

Updating the Address on Your V5C

Another legal requirement you have is to update your address on the vehicle logbook, also known as the V5C or its old name, V5. Again, if you do not do this you can be fined up to £1,000 by the DVLA.

 To update the address on your V5C you can do so online or by completing the change of address section of the logbook and posting this to the DVLA.

You will need to complete section three of the logbook and then return the entire V5C to the DVLA at the address provided on the form for you. Please ensure you complete the correct part of the form and not the new keeper details.


Letting Your Insurance Provider Know You’ve Moved

You will also need to let your vehicle insurance provider know that you’ve moved address.

Some providers can take these details from you before you move, provided you know the exact date you will be moving into the new property, and put the change in place for then in advance.

Many providers take into account the type of parking you have available, whether it is a private drive or roadside parking, when calculating the cost of your policy so they might need this information before they can amend your policy.

Notifying Your Lease or Finance Company of an Address Change

If you are leasing a vehicle then you will need to let your lease funder know that you have moved address and the vehicle is now kept at another property.

This will be the same if you have purchased the vehicle but are paying for it with a payment plan that is still ongoing.

Like any other finance product, it is important that you keep your information as up to date as possible and so you should notify them of any change to your name or address details as soon as possible.

If you leased your vehicle through Xcite Car Leasing and you’re unsure on who your finance company is or the best contact details for them then you can call us on 0330 221 0000 and our Support Team will be happy to confirm the best contact number for you.

Other People You Might Need to Notify

If you pay your vehicle tax via direct debit then you will also need to notify them of your change of address so that your details match those from your bank and they can reach you if needed.

For those who have breakdown cover that is separate from your insurer you will also need to notify them of any change of address, especially if you have home-start included.

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