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Toyota Yaris Cross Leasing Deals & Offers

The Yaris Cross is a crossover SUV version of Toyota's popular hatchback the Yaris. Being a crossover means that it's a small SUV, and there's the option for four-wheel drive to give better stability and off-roading capabilities.

Toyota has included a hybrid powertrain as standard on the model which gives you a little extra oomph when needed and can even run on just electric power at low speeds for a short distance.

This is the ideal car for drivers who want a small SUV from a trusted brand that combines the best aspects of hatchbacks and SUVs as well as having Toyota's market-leading hybrid technology. 

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Toyota is a Japanese brand that was first established around 90 years ago and although they didn't start as a car manufacturer they have been producing cars for over 80 years and so have a long history of producing reliable cars. The Yaris Cross is no exception.

Compare Toyota Yaris Cross Lease Deals

You can see all our best Yaris Cross leasing prices by simply scrolling up. If you want to compare these deals to the original Yaris then head over to our Yaris leasing offers page.

If you have any questions about the deals you see or any other aspect of leasing then our team is always happy to help and you can reach us on 0330 221 0000. Alternatively, you can speak to us using the chat feature in the pop up box on the bottom right.

Your Toyota Yaris Cross Leasing Questions Answered

What are the Advantages of Leasing a Toyota Yaris Cross?

Leasing makes it even easier to get behind the wheel of a Toyota Yaris Cross, as you don’t need to worry about paying the value of the vehicle upfront like you would when buying a car. Instead, you’ll pay an initial deposit followed by fixed monthly payments for the duration of your contract. For this reason, leasing is one of the more affordable ways of changing your car.

You’ll have the choice of the newest models from the most popular manufacturers, without the worry about your car’s value depreciating over time. Just return your car to us at the end of your contract and start looking for your next lease car.

What is the Difference Between the Toyota Yaris and the Yaris Cross?

The main difference between the Yaris and the Yaris Cross is the type of car they are. The Yaris is a hatchback while the Taris cross is an SUV crossover, making it a larger, higher and more capable of handling rougher terrain.

Which Yaris Cross Lease Deals are Available?

The leasing deals available will change as the market does, and there are a few things like contract length and spec level that also have an impact on the monthly price for you. Here at Xcite Car Leasing we work hard to get the best leasing prices possible for our customers and the prices you see listed above are our current best deals at the moment.

What is the Range of the Yaris Cross Hybrid?

The Yaris Cross Hybrid does not have a specific electric only range like a PHEV would because the electric motor and battery are only used at low speeds (under 30 mph) but as it’s self-charged using the combustion engine and regenerative braking there’s no set charging time ever, instead you’ll benefit from extra power at critical moments.

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