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Toyota Corolla Lease Deals

The Toyota Corolla is a very versatile car, and is currently available in three body shapes; hatchback, saloon and estate.

The latest models are hybrids, pairing the traditional combustion engine with an electric motor for better fuel economy, lower emissions and greener driving without compromising on power and performance or giving you range anxiety. The hybrid models are so great in fact that the Corolla Hybrid was named as AutoCar’s Best Hybrid Car in 2021.

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Toyota is a Japanese brand known for producing reliable and affordable models and the Corolla is both. It also has plenty of features like the hybrid engine for better fuel economy, a seven-inch infotainment screen for easy use and plenty of safety assistance features.  

Compare Toyota Corolla Lease Deals

With the range of body shapes and trim levels available there is a Corolla for everyone. You can compare deals between models by scrolling up or filter them using the helpful search tools to the left and at the very top of the page. Or take a look at our other Toyota lease offers.

Your Toyota Corolla Leasing Questions Answered

What are the Advantages of Leasing a Toyota Corolla?

There are many great advantages to leasing your new Toyota Corolla. You’ll get a brand new car, with all the benefits that brings, for a fixed low monthly payment and no worries about vehicle depreciation or having to sell when it’s time to move on simply hand the car back at the end of your lease and arrange a new one.

Is the Toyota Corolla a Hybrid?

Yes, it’s a self-charging hybrid which uses the latest advancements in hybrid technology to provide extra power at pivotal moments of acceleration.

What is the Range of the Toyota Corolla?

As the Corolla is not a plug-in hybrid it does not have a large electric only range, instead the electric motor gives the vehicle an extra boost at key moments.

Is the Toyota Corolla a Good Car?

Yes, Toyota is a very reliable brand and the Corolla is a great choice if you’re looking for a great hatchback with a greener and more economic powertrain.

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