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Tesla Model Y Lease Deals

The Model Y is Tesla's fully-electric SUV, based on their best-selling Model 3 saloon. It's a premium electric car that is designed for families, with plenty of room and safety features to keep you as safe as possible on the road making it the ideal choice if you're looking for an electric family car. 

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The American brand is known for creating EVs that bring the cars of the future into today, with the latest technology advances for easier and safer driving. In the Model Y, this comes in the form of multiple cameras around the vehicle to help with manoeuvring, LED headlights and 15 inch touchscreen command centre which controls the vehicle settings, satnav and infotainment system. 

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You can see and compare all our Model Y deals below. If you need to narrow these down at all then there are two handy search bars that you can use to filter by the vehicle details or contract terms to get your best matches. 

You can also compare the Model Y with the rest of Tesla's range to see how it measures up against other models.

If you have any questions about an offer or want to discuss which deal would be best for you then you can reach our Leasing Consultants on 0330 221 0000.

Your Tesla Model Y Leasing Questions Answered

Should I Lease a Tesla Model Y?

Leasing is a great choice if you're looking at a Model Y for your next car. With a lease car you get to update your vehicle every few years without the hassle of buying and selling, which means you can keep up with the latest tech advancements which with an EV means better battery power, life and longer ranges.

How Much Does a Tesla Model Y Cost to Lease?

The exact price of leasing a Model Y will depend on a number of factors and the deals that are available from the manufacturer and dealer at the time. Things that might change the monthly lease price include how much you pay as an initial deposit, the length of the lease, the mileage allowance, whether it's a personal or business agreement and if you include a maintenance package as part of the agreement. 

We work hard to get the best deals available for you so the prices you see listed above will be the cheapest we can currently achieve. 

Is the Tesla Model Y an SUV?

Yes, the Model Y is a fully electric SUV that's perfect for families and adventurers alike.

What is the Range of a Tesla Model Y?

The Long Range Model Y offers a range of around 331 miles.

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