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SsangYong Lease Deals

SsangYong is the oldest South Korean auto manufacturer, established in 1954. The brand has over 65 years of experience producing affordable yet commanding SUVs which utilise Mercedes-Benz technology. From the prestigious Rexton to smaller models like the Tivoli, they have an SUV to suit any lifestyle.

The Rexton is a spacious SUV that is designed to be taken off road. Its strong ladder chassis has towing capabilities of up to 3.5 tonnes on automatic models.

If you’re looking for something slightly smaller then the crossover Tivoli could be the car for you. With cruise control, smart steering and high spec audio as standard the Tivoli combines the latest technology with driving assistance systems to provide the very best driving experience.

Your SsangYong Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Choose a SsangYong Leasing Deal?

A SsangYong lease deal will give you access to a brand new SsangYong vehicle for an affordable and fixed monthly fee on either a personal or business lease.

A brand new car means it comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, will not need an MOT for the first three years and you’ll have no concerns about wear due to the age of the vehicle. Additionally, with a lease the road tax will be paid by the funder (at the rate of first taxation) and you can take out a maintenance package that will cover the maintenance and servicing costs for the duration of the agreement.

Why Is It Better to Lease a SsangYong Rather Than Buying?

A SsangYong lease can be the cheapest way to access the latest models. You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee and won’t have to worry about losing money on a depreciating car or the stress of arranging onwards sale when you’re ready to get a new car. You can also add a maintenance package to avoid any unexpected bills.

With our SsangYong leasing offers you’ll be able to find some great deals and most customers find that they can afford a higher spec model than if they were looking to purchase the vehicle outright.

What is a Lease Maintenance Package?

A maintenance package is an additional product you can take out with a lease agreement where you pay an additional monthly charge and in return your regular servicing, MOTs (on leases over three years), and maintenance work will be provided without any additional charge.

There may be circumstances where work will not be covered, for example if there is damage due to driver negligence.

You can find a more detailed breakdown of maintenance packages in our dedicated lease maintenance guide

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