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Smart #1 Lease Deals

Smart is a brand recognised around the world for its extremely small hatchbacks. The Smart #1 maintains the compact exterior but offers a little more interior room with rear seats. 

It's the ideal car for drivers who want a small city run around but occasionally need a little more room or an extra seat. 

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The Smart #1 is the first model to be produced since Smart became a joint entity of the Chinese brand Geely and Mercedes-Benz. It's a fully electric versatile hatchback, and while it keeps to Smart's city living design focus there's more space than their previous models. You'll get a rear bench of seats that can fit three adults, or be folded down to give you more space for any cargo you might need to carry. 

As a fully electric car, it is surprisingly quick with a 0-62 mph of 6.7 seconds which drops to just 3.9 seconds in the performance version Brabus. You will get a smaller mileage range if you opt for the Brabus though as it's slightly heavier.

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You can see all of our current Smart #1 lease deals above and compare offers between the different specs and trim options. If you want to discuss the deals shown or other Smart leasing options then our Leasing Consultants are on hand to help. 

Your Smart #1 Leasing Questions Answered

Is the Smart #1 an EV?

Yes, the Smart #1 is a fully electric hatchback. 

What is the Range of a Smart #1?

The official WLTP range of the Smat #1 is up to 273 miles depending on the model you choose. The real world achievable distance will be slightly less than that depending on the driving conditions and your driving style.

How Many Seats Does the Smart #1 Have?

There are five seats in the Smart #1. The three rear seats can be a little snug, especially on longer journeys, but if you're just nipping around town then they are comfortable enough.

How Long does a Smart #1 Lease Last?

You can choose to lease a Smart #1 for two, three or four years depending on what works best for you. 

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