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SEAT Ateca Lease Deals

It was the first SUV that SEAT produced and the Ateca remains in production today marking the success of the Spanish brand's expansion from the best-selling hatchbacks they are known for. 

The SEAT Ateca is an SUV that’s designed to make driving as smooth as possible. In order to do this, it’s fitted out with all the latest of SEAT’s technology, from the wireless charging and voice recognition on the interior to the Pre-Crash Assist system, adaptive cruise control and emergency assist system.

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The Ateca has a voice recognition system which is activated with the press of a button or simple “hola hola” and interacts with the multimedia centre and navigation system.

This SUV is ready for any terrain and there’s a range of trim options to find the right Ateca for your family.

Compare SEAT Ateca Lease Deals

The range includes SE, SE Technology, FR, FR Sport, XPERIENCE and EXPERIENCE Lux trim levels. Just scroll down to see our full range of current leasing offers across the full Ateca range or if you want to compare with other models then head back to our SEAT leasing page.

Your SEAT Ateca Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a SEAT Ateca?

There are a number of great reasons that leasing is a good choice for your new SEAT Ateca. Firstly, you’ll get a brand-new car and all the benefits that brings including the manufacturer’s warranty and lower maintenance costs due to no existing wear on the vehicle. You won’t own the car so you won’t need to worry about it’s value depreciating, which happens with all cars, especially brand-new ones. You can also usually afford to drive a better spec of the Ateca if you lease than you would buying outright due to the low monthly costs.

What is the Cheapest SEAT Ateca Lease Deal?

The cheapest lease deal will depend on a number of factors including the best offers available at the time from the finance companies, manufacturers and dealers. Unfortunately, this means we cannot guarantee a particular spec will always be the cheapest but we work very hard to get the cheapest Ateca leasing deals possible at all times.

Is the SEAT Ateca an SUV?

Yes, the SEAT Ateca was the first SUV that SEAT produced in 2016 and has remained a popular choice since then.

How Big is the Boot Size of the SEAT Ateca?

The SEAT Ateca has a boot space of 510 litres. This will increase to 1,604 litres if you put the rear row of passenger seats down.

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