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Peugeot 308 Lease Deals

The Peugeot 308 is a hatchback with character, from the signature claw-like rear lights through to the large front grille and choice of bold colour it oozes Peugeot’s style.

On the inside, there’s a clutter-free design with a sleek looking dashboard and touchscreen navigation and media centre. The ergonomic wrap-around seats are designed for ultimate comfort and the optional panoramic sunroof gives it a light and even more spacious feel.

It's the ideal car if you're looking for a stylish yet affordable hatchback that you can rely on for more than great looks! 

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Peugeot is a French brand that has grown in popularity over recent years for its affordable and reliable models that have kept up with advances in technology, driver expectations and electric vehicle (EV) changes. The 308 is a popular model for drivers that want a large hatchback and with our fantastic lease deals you're sure to find a version within your budget. 

Compare Peugeot 308 Lease Deals

Just scroll up to see all our leasing deals on the Peugeot 308 so you can compare our prices on the different specs and lease terms. 

You should know that there are a few decisions you will make that have an impact on the price as these may make the offers shown change for you. These decisions include the specific vehicle (engine size, fuel type, additional options and paint colour) and contract terms (lease length, maintenance provisions, mileage allowance and initial rental amount) so our leasing prices will show the different prices based on these factors.

If you want to discuss leasing or any of the deals listed below then our team is always here to help and you can contact them on 0330 221 000 or via the chat function in the bottom right of your screen.

Your Peugeot 308 Leasing Questions Answered

Why is Leasing a Peugeot 308 a Good Idea?

Leasing a Peugeot 308 allows you to drive away a brand-new car while making fixed monthly payments that have no hidden fees. You’ll also tailor the contract to suit your needs, including the length of the deal, the annual mileage and the initial deposit.

Depreciation in value of the car will be irrelevant too since you don’t own the car, allowing you to simply hand it back hassle-free at the end of the contract.

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Peugeot 308?

The cost of a lease is based on several different factors but there are two areas where you will notice the price changes depending on your choices – the specific vehicle and the contract terms.

On the vehicle side the engine size, fuel source, trim level, and any additional options, including paint if this is a premium extra, will have an impact on the cost of your Peugeot 308 leasing deal.

With the contract you’ll see the price change based on the lease length, mileage allowance, maintenance provisions, and whether you are leasing as an individual or a business. For the monthly price the initial rental payment amount will also have an effect as you’ll have paid a larger amount of the total lease cost at the beginning of the contract so will have lower following payments.

What is the Electric Range of the Peugeot 308 Hybrid?

Peugeot state that the electric range of the 308 hybrid is around 37 miles, which is quite high for a hybrid.

Is the Peugeot 308 Fuel Efficient?

The fuel efficiency levels of the 308 are solid, averaging around 43.5 miles per gallon, which could go as high as 52mpg if you have a version with smaller wheels and less kit.

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