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Mitsubishi was originally founded in 1870 as a shipping firm and didn’t move into manufacturing vehicles until 1917 when they produced their first car, the Mitsubishi Model A.

After their success in the late 90s in the World Rally Championship and dominance in the Dakar Rally Race for years Mitsubishi have become known for their off roading prowess, which is reflected across their entire range. From the compact ASX SUV to the L200 Pickup truck Mitsubishi combine the thrill of off-roading with the latest technology and modern comforts like an integrated infotainment centre and advance safety features.

The Outlander is one of Mitsubishi’s best-selling models, and is now available as a Plug-In Hybrid, which has become the most popular plug-in hybrid SUV available. Motors on both the front and rear axles work alongside the petrol engine to provide the very best performance possible.

At Car Lease Special Offers we have a range of Mitsubishi lease deals, the Eclipse Cross, Mirage, and the Shogun Sport. Our team of leasing experts are here to help you find your perfect Mitsubishi leasing offer.

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Your Mitsubishi Leasing Questions Answered

How Do You Find the Best Car Lease?

You can use our calculator tool to narrow down your search in order to allow choose your model, contract length and the annual mileage you need. Then you can narrow it down further still by the fuel type, gear box, style, spec and even the level of CO2 emissions. These tools will help you find the best Mitsubishi based on your needed criteria.

Once you’ve picked your car, simply fill in an online finance application and we’ll do the rest! Once it’s approved, we’ll order your car, support you through the finance documents and arrange delivery. You can speak to us at any point on 0330 221 0000 with any questions you have.

Why Should I Lease and Not Buy?

Leasing is a great option for a number of reasons and brings with it a lot of financial benefits. If you’re not in a position to afford a new vehicle outright, then leasing can allow you to drive a brand new model with affordable monthly payments. Additionally, as you do not own the car you won’t need to worry about the value depreciating and having a lower resale value when it comes time to get a new car.

All of the cars we lease are brand-new and so you also benefit from not having any of the wear concerns you might get with a used model, the manufacturer's warranty, no MOT requirement for three years and much more.

Is Mitsubishi a Good Brand?

Yes, Mitsubishi is a reliable brand that has models of all shapes and sizes so you’ll be sure to find the right option for you within their catalogue.

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