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MG Motor UK MG3 Lease Deals

The MG3 by MG Motor UK is a great, compact hatchback that boasts value for money. A big name within British car manufacturing, MG has developed this model to suit all driving situations, from winding roads to cruising around the city. 

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The MG3 is customisable, so you can choose from a range of different trims to suit your style. There are two trims to choose from — the MG3 Excite and the MG3 Exclusive — with the Exclusive being higher spec.

With precise handling and enhanced grip, the car is fun to drive — but you might find the suspension is a little firm at times. The MG3 is an affordable option, coming out on top when compared to some of its closest competitors. 

This model has 5 doors and 5 seats, so whilst it’s a compact option, there is plenty of room for passengers. When the seats are up, the boot offers 285 litres of storage and 1263 litres when the seats are down. 

Who is the Ideal Driver for an MG3 Lease? 

The MG3 is a compact hatchback that would be perfect for inner-city drivers manoeuvring busy streets and tight parking spaces. This model looks the part with a stylish exterior that can be customised to suit you. If you’re looking for a compact car with space for passengers, an MG3 lease deal is a great option. 

Compare MG3 Lease Deals 

At Xcite, we find the best MG3 lease deals so you don’t have to. Take a look at our MG3 models listed above so you can discover the perfect leasing option for you. 

We’re not tied to one lender, which means we can compare several options across the country to get the best deal on the model of your choice. Our expert consultants are always on hand to answer any leasing questions you may have to help you throughout the process. 

Leasing is an alternative to traditional car loans and other financing options. It means drivers can change their cars more regularly for access to the latest models. Choose from MG3 lease deals for personal or business use, and choose an agreement length that makes sense for you. 

Browse all of our MG3 lease deals above to discover your options, or compare them to the full MG Motor UK range

Which Cars are Similiar to an MG3 Lease? 

If you want to compare the MG3 with other cars, some of its closest competitors include the Ford Fiesta, the Hyundai i10, and the Suzuki Swift. They’re all similar-sized hatchbacks offering different benefits. Considering them can be helpful when making your decision.  

Your MG3 Leasing Questions Answered 

Is an MG3 the Right Car for Me?

This depends on your preferences. The MG3 is a fun-to-drive, compact hatchback, making it a great choice for navigating through narrow city streets. It’s described as a compact city car but has an ample interior and 5 seats for families. If you’re looking for a small car with internal space, look no further than the MG3. 

How Much Does an MG3 Lease Cost?

This depends on a few factors, including the size of your MG3’s engine, the model’s gearbox, the length of the lease and whether you choose a business or personal lease option. 

Can I Customise My MG3?

Yes! The MG3 is one of the most customisable models on the market. The MG3 is designed for fun, with a range of eye-catching colours and trims to choose from, so you can make it your own. 

Is the MG3 Suitable for City Driving?

Yes, the compact size of the MG3 makes it well-suited for city driving. Its nimble handling and efficient design can make it a practical choice for urban commuters.

Why Choose Xcite for MG3 Lease Deals?

We offer an alternative to traditional car loans and other finance options. We’re not tied to one financial institution, which means we can compare not only lease deals but models too, so you can find your ideal car at the best price. 

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