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Range Rover Sport Leasing Deals & Offers

The Range Rover Sport is the most dynamic of the Range Rover range. There’s a range of engines for you to choose from, both four and six-cylinder engines as well as a powerful 5.0-litre V8 supercharged petrol engine all of which offer you a powerful performance.

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The Dynamic Response system improves handling through hydraulic roll control to give you a better driving experience and a more comfortable ride. It’s also available as a PHEV if you’re wanting a greener SUV option but don’t want to compromise on the power and off-road capability, which the Range Rover Sport is known for.

Compare Range Rover Sport Lease Deals

Take a look at all our current leasing deals and offers on the Range Rover Sport above. We work with all of the UK's leading lease funders and a large network of dealers around the country in order to be able to find the best deals possible. Our deals are regularly updated as the market and  deals available change.

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Your Range Rover Sport Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a Range Rover Sport?

There are a number of great reasons to lease a Range Rover Sport. For one, you won't own the vehicle so you don't need to worry about the depreciating value of the vehicle which can be rapid with a high-value model like the Range Rover. 

Another benefit is that you'll drive a brand-new model with all the benefits that brings - the latest in design and tech updates, no wear and lower maintenance costs because of this, and the manufacturer's warranty lasting for the majority of the agreement. 

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Range Rover Sport?

The exact price of leasing a Range Rover Sport will depend on a number of factors including the deals available at the time, what spec of vehicle you are looking at and the contract terms you need. 

Additionally, the amount you pay for your initial rental will affect the following monthly payments as the total lease cost will remain the same so a larger initial rental will mean lower monthly payments. 

How Long Can I Lease a Range Rover Sport For?

We offer leases of two, three and four years length for you. We find these are the best lengths for our customers as they let you update your car regularly while still being able to get a good deal on the leasing price and not having many associated maintenance costs. 

What's the Difference Between a Range Rover Sport and a Range Rover Velar?

Though they look very similar there are quite a few differences between the Range Rover Sport and Evoque. The Sport is slightly larger, with a few cm in length, width and height so it has more of a presence on the road. 

In addition to the larger frame the Sport has a wider range of more powerful engines and is quicker off the mark with better acceleration.

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