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Hyundai Nexo Lease Deals

Hyundai has created a very unique model with the Nexo as it's a hydrogen-powered electric vehicle (EV) unlike any other currently on the UK market. Unlike an electric car the Nexo is filled up with hydrogen at a garage, in a similar way to you'd fill up a petrol or diesel car and with a full tank taking under five minutes gets you back on the road just as quickly making it a great choice for drivers who want to make a greener choice but don't like the charging wait times of an EV. 

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Hyundai is a South Korean brand that is known for creating reliable models and although the Nexo uses a different kind of power source it's just as dependable as their other brands.

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You can see all our current Nexo lease prices by simply scrolling up. If you want to narrow these results down a little then you can use one of our two search filters to filter by the vehicle including it's shape, size, trim, emissions and transmission, or on the contract length and mileage. 

Your Hyundai Nexo Leasing Questions Answered

What Type of Car is the Hyundai Nexo?

The Nexo is an SUV that provides you with plenty of room for passengers and cargo, has a high view point of the road ahead and comes with a host of safety and convenience features.

How Long Can I Lease a Hyundai Nexo For?

Here at Xcite Car Leasing we can offer you leases of two, three and four years. You can choose the right lease length for your needs.

What’s the Monthly Lease Cost for a Hyundai Nexo?

The exact monthly cost will vary depending on a number of factors including the vehicle spec, any additional extras you choose, the contract length, the mileage allowance and whether you include a maintenance package as part of the agreement.

Is the Hyundai Nexo a Reliable Car?

As a manufacturer, Hyundai has an impressive reliability rating. The Nexo, then, is no different. Choose to lease this car and you can enjoy a solidly built car with the peace of mind that comes with choosing a long-standing, well-respected manufacturer.

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