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Honda E Lease Deals

The Honda E is the brand’s first fully electric vehicle and is full of innovative technology, from the electric powertrain to the Parking Pilot system that is available on some models. The inside is just as high-tech but still user-friendly with a dual-screen digital dashboard that shows key information, allows you to control your music, radio and has seamless smartphone connectivity These screens can also be personalised to ensure you can see everything you need and distracts you from the road as little as possible.

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It’s got a sleek body, with the hidden door handles adding to the clean lines of the vehicle as does the side camera mirror system which replaces traditional wing mirrors and there’s a choice of vibrant and modern colours for you to choose from.

The mileage range is up to 137 miles and it can be charged from when the low battery signs appears to 80% in just 31 minutes using a 50kW charger.

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We've got all our current lease offers on the Honda e below, but you can filter these using one of our search bars if there's something in particular you're looking for. One will filter based on the vehicle and the other on the contract terms, and you can use both together if you know exactly what you're looking for.

You might also want to have a look at our electric lease deals page to compare the Honda e with similar EVs or Honda's full range for similar branded models.

Your Honda E Leasing Questions Answered

What are the Benefits of Leasing a Honda e?

If you like to drive the latest models, leasing is a great option. Unlike buying a car, you’ll pay an initial deposit followed by monthly payments. For a lot of people, this makes getting behind the wheel of a brand new Honda e even more affordable.

Enjoy driving your new car for the length of your lease deal and, once it’s up, return the car to us. There’s no need to worry about depreciation costs or finding a buyer like you would if you owned the car. We’ll carry out a few checks then you’re free to choose your next lease car, picking from a huge range of models and manufacturers.

What is the Range of the Honda e?

The Honda e has an electric range of 137 miles, providing plenty of emission-free driving on a single charge.

How Long Does the Honda e Take to Charge?

You can charge the Honda e’s 35.5kWh battery in just 31 minutes via a rapid charger. This is based on charging to 80% from a low battery warning, using a 50kWh charger.

Charging times may vary depending on external factors such as the outside temperature and the type of charger used.

How Much Does a Honda e Cost to Lease?

The exact cost of leasing a Honda e will depend on a number of factors including the exact spec of the vehicle you want including any extra options added, the terms of the contract so the lease length, mileage allowance, maintenance provisions and whether it is an individual or business agreement. Additionally, you can choose to pay a larger initial rental to reduce the following monthly payments, this will not reduce the overall cost of the lease but because you’ve paid a larger portion of it upfront the following payments will be reduced.

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