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Fiat 500X Lease Deals

The Fiat 500X is a great small SUV that stands out for its unique design, just like the 500 model it is based on.

This SUV has a surprisingly large interior for the compact exterior, there’s plenty of room inside to fit the entire family and all their belongings inside. With options including rear parking sensors, a seven-inch touchscreen, and lane assist with intelligent speed assist and traffic sign recognition there's plenty of great features to go along with all that space. 

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If you're looking for a stylish capable car then the Fiat 500X from the Italian manufacturer is a great choice.

Compare Fiat 500X Lease Deals 

You can see our top offers on all variants of the 500X, including the Sport, City Cross, Cross Plus, Lounge and Urban above to compare the prices of different specs and contract terms.

Alternatively, you can compare this compact SUV with our other great SUV leasing offers to see how it measures up. Our team are always on hand if you have any questions about our deals or leasing a Fiat on 0330 221 0000.

Your Fiat 500X Leasing Questions Answered

What are the Reasons to Lease a Fiat 500X?

You can avoid any unwanted additional costs by leasing a Fiat 500X rather than buying a new or used version outright. With Xcite Car Leasing, it’s an extremely simple process from start to finish, allowing you to choose the ideal car for you with contracts arranged in just a few days.

Leasing also allows you to afford to drive a much more expensive vehicle for a similar monthly budget as you’d need for buying. Also, when compared to loan repayments, leasing agreements can often save you a lot of money in the long run.

How Much Can I Lease a Fiat 500X For?

There are a few factors that affect the leasing price of a Fiat 500X including the particular spec of that vehicle, the contract terms you are looking for and what offers are available at that time. Here at Xcite Car Leasing, we work hard to find the very best pricing for you and regularly update the website so that you can be sure the prices above are accurate and great!

What is the Difference Between the Fiat 500 and the 500X?

The 500X was designed to have much more power and space inside, with extended cabin room for both additional passengers and luggage. As a subcompact SUV, the 500X is a great option for plenty of drivers no matter what the scenario.

Is the 500X Bigger than the 500L?

The 500X is bigger than the 500L for the most part, including being a few cms wider and longer, taking up more space on the drive.

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