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BMW M4 Lease Deals

The BMW M4 is the performance version of the bestselling 4 Series coupe. BMW use the M moniker on their high performance models, which means that the M4 is a fast and exciting car. It’s the ideal car for drivers who are after a car that makes everyday driving fun again.

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BMW is a German manufacturer who are known for producing premium models without high price tags to bring a little luxury to everyday life. The M4 is a perfect example of this with the fast speeds, powerful performance and comfortable ride. You’ll get adaptive suspension, performance brakes or the option of carbon ceramic brakes, and electronic limited-slip differential in order to get the best handling especially on corners.

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If you want to see all our current leasing prices for the BMW M4 then just scroll up. If you have particular criteria then you can use one of our two handy search tools to filter the results that meet your needs, this can be if you know the specific spec of car you're after or want a particular lease term.

You can also head back to our main BMW Leasing page to compare our M4 prices with the other models in their catalogue.

Your BMW M4 Leasing Questions Answered

What Are the Main Reasons to Lease a BMW M4?

There are a number of great reasons to lease cars generally, including low initial rentals and regular monthly payments, a brand new vehicle for a set period of time and optional maintenance packages. Perhaps the biggest incentive to lease when looking at a premium model like the BMW M4 is that you will not have a vehicle that has a fairly rapid depreciating value to manage and sell when you’re ready for an upgrade.

How Much Does a BMW M4 Cost to Lease?

The exact cost of leasing an M4 will vary depending on the spec of the vehicle and the contract terms you choose. A few things that might alter the price are: if it is a business or personal lease agreement, how long the contract lasts, the annual mileage, the amount of the initial rental, whether there is a maintenance package included, and any options you add to the vehicle. Our leasing consultants will be able to advise on the exact cost once you’ve chosen the right factors for you.

Is the BMW M4 the Right Car for You?

The M4 is a premium sports car packed full of power and performance which makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a fun car that brings the joy back to driving.

Because of its size it’s not a great choice for the next family car or for drivers who regularly travel with rear passengers.

Which Cars Are Similar to the BMW M4?

The Audi RS5 or the Mercedes-AMG C63 S are the M4’s closest competitors.

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