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Audi RS Q8 Leasing Deals & Offers

The RS Q8 sits at the top of the Q8 range and it’s a large estate car with a sporty side that's ideal for drivers who need the space and practicality of an estate but want the fun of driving a sporty hatchback. 

Audi are a German brand known for creating premium cars that are finished with luxury touches and the latest in driver comfort and support systems, and the RS Q8 is no exception with a host of technology systems designed to make driving as smooth as possible for you.

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There are currently three trim levels available on the model: the RS Q8, RS Q8 Carbon Black and RS Q8 Vorsprung. Each has slightly different exterior trim, with aluminium, chrome and black detailing respectively but they all come with the RS sport suspension, which includes electronically controlled air suspension with a stiffer adaptive dampening system for all four wheels to regulate ride height and dampening automatically.

Compare Audi RS Q8 Leasing Deals

Check out our best leasing deals on the RS Q8 by scrolling up to see our current offers or if you want to see our other Audi offers then take a look at our mainAudi leasing deals page.

Our Sales Team are also on hand to answer any questions you have and you can reach them on 0330 221 0000.

Your Audi RS Q8 Leasing Questions Answered

How Fast is the Audi RS Q8?

The top speed of the RS Q8 will depend on which model you opt for and whether you add their dynamic package but some models can reach 189 mph. Most specs will have a max speed of around 155 mph

What’s the Cost of Leasing an Audi RS Q8?

The cost of leasing will depend on a number of factors including the exact vehicle specification you chose and the terms of the lease agreement including the mileage allowance, contract length, and whether a maintenance agreement is included. 

We've got all our current best prices listed above for you to pick from.

Is It Better to Lease or Buy an Audi RS Q8?

There are a lot of benefits that leasing brings with it and one of the biggest when it comes to driving a car like the Audi RS Q8 is that you don't have a depreciating assent in your name. The RS Q8 is an expensive car, and like all cars its value significantly drops as soon as it is purchased but with a lease you don't need to worry about that. 

How Long Can I Lease an Audi RS Q8 for?

Here at Xcite Car Leasing we can arrange leases that last for two, three and four years. 

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