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Audi RS e-tron GT Lease Deals

With both GT and RS as part of its name drivers can expect a performance model and that's exactly what this is. The Audi RS e-tron GT is an electric car that is designed for performance, pairing the best of Audi's performance models with the innovative electric vehicle (EV) designs they have developed as part of the e-tron range.

If you want to make the jump to an EV and want a car that brings a little fun to everyday life then this is a great choice.

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You'd be forgiven for thinking that a performance car means that you'll sacrifice space or comfort for speed and power but that is not the case. In fact, the German brand is known for maintaining a premium finish across their range with plenty of luxury touches in the RS e-tron GT. There's enough room for adult passengers to sit comfortably in the front and rear, and plenty of storage space which means that as well as being fun it's functional for everyday life.

Compare Audi RS e-tron GT Lease Deals 

You can see all of our current leasing prices for the RS e-tron GT by simply scrolling up. Alternatively, you can compare these with our other e-tron GT and e-tron deals to see which is the best vehicle for you.

Here at Xcite Car Leasing, we work hard to find the very best leasing prices for our customers and the prices you see below will regularly be updated as new offers become available. We work with all of the UK's leading funders and a large network of dealerships around the country in order to get these great Audi deals so you can be sure the prices we have will be some of the best on the market. 

Your Audi RS e-tron GT Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease an Audi RS e-tron GT?

There are lots of reasons to lease your next car:

You will agree to a fixed monthly price which makes it easier to budget for the vehicle, especially if you include a maintenance package. 

You are not the legal owner of the vehicle so do not need to worry about the value of it depreciating during your time driving it.

All lease vehicles are brand new, so they'll have no existing wear to them, come with the full manufacturer's warranty and won't need an MOT for the first three years of your agreement. 

How Much Does an Audi RS e-tron GT Cost to Lease?

The exact cost of leasing an Audi RS e-tron GT will vary depending on a number of factors, some of which will be aspects of the agreement you decide on including:

  • The specific vehicle (trim level, additional options)
  • The contract length
  • The mileage allowance
  • How the vehicle is maintained
  • Whether you are leasing as a business or individual

Additionally, the amount you pay for the initial rental can reduce the following monthly payments. The total cost of the lease agreement will remain the same so if you pay a larger initial rental you will have paid a larger percentage of the total cost which lowers the monthly payments. 

How Long Does it Take to Charge an Audi RS e-tron GT?

The RS e-tron GT is capable of accepting charging at 270 KW which means you can take it from 5 to 80 % charge in just 23 minutes on an ultra-rapid DC charger, which are available on the public charging network. 

What is the Range of an Audi RS e-tron GT?

Audi has advised the range of the RS e-tron GT is up to 298 miles between charges. 

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