We know that when you’re looking for a new vehicle then you might be wondering when the best time of the year to get a great deal will be. There’s a few different things that can affect the best time to get a lease car which is why we’ve put together this article.

The Best Months to Lease a Car

With leasing, funders consider the residual value of the vehicle as part of the calculations on the monthly rental cost.

In general, the newer the model the better the resale value is for the lease company when you reach the end of the agreement, and so they are able to offer lower monthly rentals payments.

Although new models can be released at any time of the year the majority are released in either March or September meaning these are the best months to be able to get a brand new car at a low price.

Another thing that you will find in March and September is that the registration numbers change at the start of each month. This means that any vehicles that might have been registered early, before the first of the month may have better offers on as they need to be delivered as quickly as possible before they are classed as a used vehicle by the funders due to the registration date.

End of the Month / Quarter

Although you will generally find the best deals during March and September another time you might be able to find better deals is at the end of a month or the end of a quarter.

Dealerships and manufacturers have monthly and quarterly targets they need to hit so depending on general demand for a particular model you might find better deals available at the end of the month or the financial quarter.

Similarly, the funding companies also have targets for the number of leases that they want to provide which can lead to them offering better rates.

Off Peak Times

Just like with the end of the month during quieter times, like the Christmas holidays, you might find a bargain because dealerships and funders need to meet targets and these are typically times that fewer people are interested in arranging a new car.


Our Top Tips for Getting a Great Lease Deal

1. Look at similar models – if you’re set on a particular model we recommend being flexible and look at other models in the range or from a different manufacturer with the same specifications.  

2. Be flexible with your terms – you might find a great deal on your dream car but it’s for a longer period than you’d like or fewer miles. Whilst we always advise to be realistic with your needs and whether a particular deal will suit your needs it can be smart to see if having a three year lease instead of a two year one, or doing a few less miles could give you a better deal.

3. Be willing to wait – you might be able to get a great leasing deal on a factory order, provided you are not in a rush to receive your new vehicle.

4. Think about paying a larger initial payment – although the total cost of the lease will be the same overall if you pay a larger amount upfront for the initial rental then the following monthly payments will be lower making your monthly expenditure easier to manage.

5. Talk to us – give us a call on 0330 221 0000 or schedule a call back through the purple phone in the bottom left of your screen and we’ll work to find you the very best deal possible.


Other Things to Consider

Delivery Lead Time

You’ll want to consider the lead time on a vehicle as well, because some vehicles will be in stock and others will be factory orders.

Depending on where the factory is based, customer demand and building time a factory order might take a couple of months to reach you. We’ve got this handy article that explains how long it will take for your lease car to arrive.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are seeing longer lead times on factory orders for a number of reasons which you can find out more about here.

Existing Vehicle

Tying in with the delivery lead time you’ll also want to consider what you’ll be doing with your current vehicle.

If you have an existing lease then you’ll need to consider when that is due to go back and possibly look at extending the lease or returning the vehicle early depending on when your new car is due to arrive.

For more information on leasing head over to our helpful car leasing guides. Or if you’re looking for a new car then take a look at our car leasing offers, and in stock lease car deals. 

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