A question not easily answered. Just when it seems he’s settled into a predictable rhythm with Tesla and its minimalist models, Elon Musk comes out with the Cybertruck. Or the ‘Burnt Hair’ perfume. Or Tesla-branded tequila. There are even the new Sipping Glasses to drink it with.

Inspired by these, and quotes from the man himself, Xcite Car Leasing aims to answer the above question with our own inventions that we could imagine the eccentric businessman trying his hand at next. 

A Twitter-Optimised Toilet

Musk once revealed to his many Twitter followers that “At least 50%” of his tweets are sent from the loo. As such, our Tesla Toilet is primed for longer hours on the pot.

tesla toilet

The cold, firm porcelain makes way for a racing seat-inspired design, supportive in all the right spots and comfy enough to sit on for as long as needed. There’s also a wall-mounted touchscreen loaded with toilet functions and even social media accessibility.

According to a 2021 study, which found as many as 73% of us admit to using our phone on the throne, we’re giving the people what they want.

A Portable Sink Inspired by Musk’s Twitter Stunt

Ahead of his controversial Twitter buyout, Musk carried a sink into the company’s San Francisco HQ, broadcasting the stunt to his 100 million-plus followers with “let that sink in!”. Inspired by this very act, here’s the Tesla Portable Sink.

tesla sink

Pairing perfectly with the Tesla Tiny House, a real-world home on wheels powered by renewable energy, the Portable Sink would allow for al fresco food prep or even fill in as a makeshift drinks cooler.

To ensure it can be moved about, we’ve also incorporated the SpaceX Waste Management System, another genuine product. In this application, we see it being used to filter and recycle wastewater – removing the need for a constant connection to the mains.

A Trendsetting, Space-Saving Toaster

For every minimalist Musk-made design, such as the Tesla Model 3, there’s an equally eccentric product like the Cybertruck. Our next creation, the Tesla Touch Toaster, occupies somewhat of a middle ground.

tesla toaster

On the face of it, there’s no out-there styling, just clean lines and clearly marked controls. But this toaster reinvents the wheel, by changing the usual upright design to one that’s horizontal and can be mounted within a wall. That’s to ensure it takes up as little space as possible, ideal for the Tiny House’s compactness.

The bread slots are styled on the front end of the Model S, while the filaments inside (thin wires that are heated to toast the bread) are arranged in a pattern that leaves the Tesla ‘T’ logo on each slice.

Introducing the Tesla Model Zzz Angled Bed

For the best night’s sleep, Musk recommends having the head of your bed slightly raised. The Tesla Model Zzz is centred around this belief, and is also styled on the Cybertruck – with stainless steel framing the bed and drawers beneath.

tesla bed

And as we’ve imagined it in the Tesla Tiny House, it can be folded up into a recess in the wall.


The fake products imagined above our entirely our own creations, taking only inspiration from Elon Musk’s real-world products, comments and actions. All have been designed to accompany the real-world Tiny House, a Tesla-branded home on wheels.


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