If you’re leasing a car, then you will likely be offered a maintenance package. We’ve put together this article to give you a brief overview of what a maintenance package is and the key info you should know when deciding if you want to take one out.

What is a Lease Maintenance Package?

A maintenance package is an additional product you can take out as part of a lease agreement that will spread the cost of necessary maintenance work over regular scheduled payments. There are many benefits of taking out a maintenance agreement but two of the most significant for our customers are:

  • Spreading the cost of maintenance avoids any unexpected costly garage bills
  • Having a dedicated maintenance contact number / portal where you can book all necessary work

What Does Lease Maintenance Cover?

A lease maintenance package will usually include:

  • All scheduled servicing
  • MOTs
  • Replacement tyres due to fair wear and tear or puncture
  • Expected maintenance repairs
  • Replacement of perishable items such as light bulbs

Some funders may also include roadside assistance or breakdown cover as part of their maintenance package, but this is not always included, and there may be a higher fee for the inclusion of them.

What Isn’t Included with a Lease Maintenance Package?

There are generally, four areas of maintenance that will not be covered by a maintenance package which are:

  • Accidental damage which can include kerbed or damaged tyres
  • Replacement or repairs due to driver error or neglect, this includes incorrect fuelling or poor maintenance
  • Replacement of lost or broken items which will include things like missing hub caps
  • Windscreen repair or replacement

Please note this is general advice, what is and isn’t included in your specific maintenance package may vary depending on the maintenance provider. Your individual lease maintenance provider will give you a full break down on what isn’t covered by their policy as part of the documentation you receive.

How Do I Arrange Maintenance Work with a Lease Package?

If you have a maintenance package, then you will be able to arrange for any necessary maintenance or servicing to be conducted through the funder’s driver support system. Some will have a dedicated phone line that you call and simply book with them over the phone and others have online portal systems. You should receive full instructions from your funder on how to arrange any maintenance work needed.

How Do I Pay for Lease Maintenance? 

If you opt to include a maintenance package with your lease agreement, then this will be paid for with regular monthly payments. This will be a set amount that you agree to when you take out the lease and will remain the same for the duration of your contract.

One thing to be aware of is that while some funders will take one direct debit payment for the lease and maintenance package combined others may take two payments, one for the cost of the lease and another for the cost of the maintenance package.

If you’d like to learn more about maintenance or get a more detailed breakdown of the maintenance packages our funders offer, then please take a look at our comprehensive maintenance guide.

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