Volkswagen have revealed the latest editions to the Golf family with the latest GTI, GTD and GTE.  



The 8th edition of the GTI follows on the heels of the Mk8 Golf. As well as the GTI VW gave us a peek at the diesel GTD and the plug-in hybrid GTE.

The GTI is available with a petrol engine, that is unassisted by mild-hybrid technology and still uses a manual gearbox to retain the driver control and racing feel that we all love from the hot hatch.

golf gti


Similar to the previous model it has an EA888 2 litre petrol engine in a standard 6-speed manual transmission, although the transmission has been redesigned. It is also available in a 7-speed automatic DSG option.

The GTD will only be available with a 7-speed DSG, with an EA288 Evo engine. This will be the cleanest diesel Golf yet and VW has said it’s going to have the lowest NOx emissions.


golf gtd


Understandably the GTE will only available in a DSG but with a battery of twice the size in the current model the electric range will be much longer. The new battery has a capacity of up to 13.3kwh so can run for up to 60 or 70km on pure electric energy.

There’s more consistency across the range than ever before, with all three models having torque outputs around 273 pounds per foot (lb ft), although each model reaches this at different engine speeds.


golf gte


The GTE has increased its performance since the last edition, with the same 242 bhp peak as the new GTI.

VW have said that dynamically the GTD and GTE are just slightly behind the GTI, with its more focused performance-style trim. 

All three models will come with 17-inch alloys as standard and there’s the option to upgrade these to 18-inch alloys on all three editions, and even 19-inches on the GTI and GTD.

Not only do the GTI, GTD and GTE now come with LED headlights as standard they all have a variety of additional lighting options. These include having a full-width LED strip under each model’s signature stripe or a fog light package that can be inserted into either side of the lower honeycomb grille.

All three models have the strip of colour through their grille. In the GTI it’s red, for the GTD it’s chrome and the GTE is blue.

The cars that VW have released photographs of were presented in typical Golf colours, the GTI in red, the GTD in grey and the GTE in white.

You might have spotted that the GTI red was slightly different from the previous model. This is because it’s a new shade – Kings Red. The new colour has metallic undertones so it stands out even more in natural lighting.

On the inside, the GTI retains the look we’ve come to expect with the large supportive bucket seats, that now includes an integrated headrest.  Although the front seats are large there’s still enough room that you can comfortably fit passengers in the rear seats without worrying about them feeling cramped. With this and the great boot space, the new GTI can be used in day to day life as easily as its predecessor.


golf interior


There is a slight difference in some of the internal features with the gear selector in the DGS models being smaller and now similar in design to the one in the Porsche 992. The GTI is expected to retain the golf ball like gear knob but this hasn’t been confirmed by VW yet.

There’s also a sleekness to the interior with VW reducing the number of physical buttons, instead relying on their latest technology with the centre touch screen console and minimalist buttons on the steering wheel.

The GTI straddles the gap in the market between more affordable models like the Ford Focus ST and the high-end hot hatches like the Mercedes AMG A35.

Prices of the new GTI, GTD and GTE have not yet been revealed but VW has said they won’t move too far away from the current structure.


You’ll be able to see the finished product at the Geneva Motor Show in March with models expected to be ready for purchase towards the end of the year. Once they hit the UK market we’ll have a better idea of the lease deals we can offer you.

We should also be getting a look at the Golf R shortly and as soon as we get a peak we’ll let you know.  

If you can’t wait until later in the year take a look at our current lease deals on the Golf. 

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