The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) has written to all users of their plug-in grant portal to advise on the potential for future changes to the grant.

Just a few weeks ago the government announced a change to the grant amounts available, dropping the car grant from up to £3,000 to £2,500 and capping it for vehicles under the price of £35,000. This came with no warning before the changes came into effect and the government advised this was to prevent a rush of applications that could have reduced the time the government were able to keep the scheme running.

Following the change in March, OZEV did allow dealers and vehicle manufacturers to claim the previous rates and use previous criteria for any orders that were placed in the 28 days prior to the change which had not been logged on the portal before the change was announced. As they have warned of short notice changes it is unlikely the same leniency will be offered for any future changes.

An order is only visible to the OZEV once it has been placed as an order on their plug-in grant portal and there is no guarantee of payment until this is done.

Additionally, OZEV advised portal users in their letter on how they can manage applications in order to successfully secure a grant for placed orders.

OZEV has confirmed that the plug-in grants scheme will continue to be reviewed to ensure that funds are available to those who need them for as long as possible.

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