This month Santa will be filling up his sleigh with gifts for children around the world, but we know that it’s a lot warmer and safer for him and Mrs Claus to travel in a car which is why we’ve rounded up the top ten cars for travelling with a boot full of presents and backseat of elves.

Just scroll down to see our top ten picks of cars with big boots and comfortable passenger seats.

1. Range Rover


The Range Rover is considered to be the original luxury off-roader and it remains a popular choice for drivers looking for a large SUV full of high-quality touches, roomy and comfortable seats throughout and an impressive 900 litre boot space without having to put down the rear passenger seats.

It’s got a range of powerful engines for you to choose from depending on what you need the vehicle to do, suspension which can handle the worst of potholes as well as bumpy off-road terrain and a powered split tailgate making it easy to get any heavy cargo, like a sack full of presents, in and out with minimal effort. There’s also the added benefit of a 3,500 kg towing capacity which can easily handle a caravan, horsebox or trailer full of gifts.

The new Range Rover model is due to be available early next year, but you can still order the current model. Check out our great leasing deals here

2. Peugeot 5008

The next car to make it onto our festive picks is the Peugeot 5008 a car that’s designed for families and adventurers alike.

A seven-seat version of Peugeot’s best selling 3008 SUV the 5008 takes its style inspiration from its sister vehicle but pairs it with practicality, like the additional seating and 780 litres of boot space for all the luggage when configured as a five seater.

With its striking design, bold colour choices and polished interior which includes two large infotainment screens it’s easy to see why the 5008 is quickly becoming a favourite of drivers across the country.

Visit our dedicated Peugeot 5008 page to see how easy it is to lease one.

3. BMW X7


Just like Santa’s sleigh the BMW X7 is a vehicle that commands attention on the road with a bold grille, high ride height and sleek colouring.

There’s 750 litres of boot space when the car is configured as a five seater but this does drop down to 320 litres if you need to fit a couple of extra elves in and turn it into a seven seater.

There’s a range of engine choices available for you to choose from so you can find the right power and speed for you.

The design isn’t just impressive at the front though, there’s the option of a panoramic sunroof so your passengers can enjoy the sunny or snowy sky above.

And it’s not just looks where the X7 excels there’s a number of handy features to make journeys better for the driver and passengers including options like electric side rear window blinds, front massage seats, surround sound audio systems, ambient lighting and luxury leather seats throughout.

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4. Audi Q7


The Audi Q7 has an impressive 865 litres boot space, an additional two seats that fold up to quickly turn into a seven seater for those Christmas party car pools and can handle any road with a smooth, comfortable ride for all your passengers.

It comes with Audi drive select as standard which allows you to choose from one of seven driving modes to ensure the car is in the right mode for the type of driving you are doing, and the adaptive air suspension which automatically controls the ride height and damping for a gentle ride no matter the terrain condition. There’s also the option of quattro all-wheel drive for light and sporty handling for drivers who need the practicality of a large car but want the fun experience of driving a sports car.

Take a look at our fantastic deals on the Q7 or our general Audi leasing offers to see if you can find the car you’ll be driving next Christmas.

5. Volvo XC90


We couldn’t put together a list on safe and spacious cars without including a Volvo, a brand that’s known internationally for their safety focused estates and family vehicles.

The XC90 is the largest of Volvo’s premium SUVs and offers you seven seats, all-wheel-drive, and an open and tilt panoramic sunroof that allows you to enjoy the fresh air in the spacious cabin.

There’s a number of safety feature options like lane keeping assist, 360 degree parking camera, blind spot detection and subtle steering adjustments to try and avoid collisions, cross traffic alerts and much more.

We know that as well as safety Santa would need plenty of boot space, which the XC90 also has plenty of with 1,007 litres when configured as a five seater. This does drop to just over 350 litres when all seven seats are in use, which is more of a change that you’ll get with other models, but that does mean that your passengers have plenty of space to be comfortable throughout the car.

See if the Volvo XC90 could be your new car or find another treat for yourself in our stock deals.

6. Kia Sorento


Though they might not be the first brand you think of when you’re looking for a car that can handle all the Christmas gifts the Kia Sorento offers you more than enough room.

With 660 litres of boot space, it rivals the likes of the Skoda Superb estate for room and there’s an additional two seats that you can lift up for extra passengers when you’ve got a car full of family at Christmas. As a seven-seater there’s space for six adult passengers to fit comfortably without thinking they’re in a car designed for elves.

The Sorento is also a great choice if you need to go a step further and tow a trailer or caravan as it has a capacity of up to 2,500 kg.

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7. Skoda Superb Estate


The Skoda Superb Estate  is one of the best cars on the market if you’re looking for boot space as a priority and you’ll be hard pressed to find a best cars with big boot space list without it on.

There’s 660 litres of space available without sacrificing leg, shoulder or head room for any passengers. This then expands to over 1900 litres when the rear seats are down if you need to transport a larger gift.

There’s a wide boot opening and low floor making it easy to load things in and out, but you also have the option of adding a roof rack or towbar for a trailer for carrying bulkier items if you have passengers in the car.

Treat yourself to a look at our best Superb leasing deals or general festive bargains here.

8. Ford S-Max


Ford’s a brand that’s known around the UK for their staple hatchbacks, the Focus  and the Fiesta, but the model that made it into our top ten festive picks is the S-Max

It’s a people carrier for the modern world, with intelligent all-wheel-drive that calculates the level of traction is appropriate for the weather conditions, active park assist for getting into the tightest of spots, and lots more features for driver comfort.

There’s 702 litres available in the boot and storage cubies throughout for those fragile gifts or ones that need hiding from nosy eyes.

You can opt for a self-charging hybrid, petrol or ecoblue diesel engines. Take a peek at our Ford S-Max leasing offers to bring yourself a little joy this December.

9. Honda Civic


Although the Honda Civic is a hatchback, which can be smaller than their SUV and Estate counterparts we’ve included it on our list because we know not every driver is looking for a big car with a big boot – sometimes what’s needed is a smaller car with a large boot.

The Civic offers just shy of 480 litres in the boot, so you can get all the family in the back seat and still manage to do all the gift drops in one trip.

Take a peek at our great Honda Civic leasing deals to see if this could be your next new car.

10. Tesla Model S


Our final pick is one that Santa would consider a gift to drive – the Tesla Model S

It’s a high-speed, high-performance car full of the latest tech and we think it would rival Santa’s sleigh in terms of driving joy.

As it’s an EV the Model S provides additional storage space in the frunk (front trunk) to give drivers a combined 849 litres of storage space.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a new vehicle then check out our Tesla deals or head to our Model S page for specific deals on this model.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of top 10 cars fit for the Clauses. Let us know in the comments below if there’s any cars you think we’ve missed that would be perfect for Santa and all his cargo needs.


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