We’ve already looked at the best seven-seaters on the market and a lot of those were SUVs, but we know that not everyone is looking for a large car, which is why we wanted to share our overall best SUV picks.  These range from more compact SUVs through to the larger models that would have appeared in our top seven-seaters.

Best SUVs for 2023

1. Skoda Kodiaq

skoda kodiaq for top 5 SUVs 2023

In top spot we’ve opted for the Skoda Kodiaq. It’s Skoda’s largest SUV currently available and is full of features to make life easier for you and your family.

As it’s the largest in Skoda’s range the Kodiaq is a seven-seater, and in fact it made it onto our top seven-seater pick as well, with the rear two seats folding down and out of the way when you don’t need them. These two seats are comfortable enough for short journeys but will feel a little cramped for adults or older teens on long trips.

Like most seven-seaters the boot’s a little small with all seats occupied but you’ll get a whopping 835 litres with the two rear seats down.

Skoda offers a range of engines for the Kodiaq in both petrol and diesel, though if you’re looking for a more powerful option then we recommend looking at the diesel models as they pack a bit more of a punch. However, all engine options offer you great fuel economy.

The Kodiaq is currently available with either two or four-wheel drive and if you need towing capacity we recommend opting for the four-wheel drive as this will handle a caravan or trailer much easier.   

For more information on the Kodiaq and to check out our fantastic offers take a look at our Kodiaq leasing page.

2. Hyundai Tucson

hyundai tucson for top 5 SUVs 2023

Our next pick is the Hyundai Tucson. The latest models have undergone a design revamp which gives them a more distinctive and bold design that really makes them stand out from the crowd.

The Tucson is a mid-sized SUV so smaller than the Kodiaq but still large enough to fit a family comfortably, with plenty of head and legroom for rear passengers. And with a 577-litre boot, there’s plenty of room for any cargo you might have.

Hyundai has also given us a range of hybrid options to choose from, including mild hybrids enhancements to the petrol engine for an extra boost, a self-charging hybrid and for drivers looking for a longer electric range a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model. With the automotive industry moving towards fully electric models we think it’s really important that manufacturers offer hybrid models which allow drivers to adjust in stages rather than jumping straight from an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle to an electric one. With a range of different hybrids Hyundai gives drivers the ability to choose the one best suited to their life.

We’ve got a dedicated Hyundai Tucson leasing page if you want to see what else the Tucson has to offer.

3. Volvo XC40

volvo xc40 for top 5 SUVs 2023

Volvo is a brand recognised internationally for creating safe and reliable models. In fact, it was Volvo who developed the three-point seatbelt that is used as standard in cars around the world to this day.  So, it’s no wonder that when choosing the best SUVs on the market we included a Volvo.

We’ve opted for the XC40, which is Volvo’s smallest SUV. While it might be a compact SUV it is still an SUV which means that you’ll still get the high ride height, better vision of the road and surroundings, larger road presence and spacious interior for your passengers.

With the XC40 you’ll get the option of a petrol, a petrol PHEV or a fully electric car with the XC40 Recharge. The PHEV version offers a range of around 28 miles powered purely by the electric motor before it switches over to the petrol ICE system. And if you’re considering a fully electric model then depending on the spec you opt for you can get a range of up to 311 miles between charges.

If you’d like to learn more about electric ranges then we recommend taking a look at this guide which explores the factors that affect a car’s range.

Again, if you’d like to see some excellent leasing offers on the XC40 then you can head over to the dedicated Volvo XC40 leasing page for all our current offers.

4. Kia Sportage

kia sportage for top 5 SUVs 2023

The Kia Sportage has everything you could be looking for in an SUV. From the bold road presence to the comfortable ride and all the modern features that make driving safe and fun it’s an excellent choice for all drivers.

Kia offers you the choice of petrol, diesel or hybrid models, and there are two types of hybrids available, a self-charging one and a PHEV. One thing to note is that the while the PHEV will offer you the largest electric powered range it does need regular charging to be able to use the electric system so will need a bigger lifestyle adjustment for drivers coming from a petrol or diesel.

There’s a range of trims for you to choose from, but even the entry-level is packed full of helpful features like a rear-view camera and parking sensors that make it easier than ever to get yourself into any parking spot.

We’ve got a range of cheap Sportage leasing offers if you think this could be your next car!

5. BMW X3

BMW x3 for top 5 SUVs 2023

The final car to make it onto our list is the BMW X3. It’s a large SUV that’s based on BMW’s best-selling 3 Series saloon car.

Because the X3 is so closely linked to the 3 Series it comes with a similar range of engines, with petrol, diesel and even PHEV models. A range of engine choices is something we think is key, especially with models like an SUV that are popular with a variety of drivers, so that each driver can find the right fit for their driving habits and lifestyle. BMW also have a fully electric version in the iX3 if you like the style of the X3 but want a full EV. And for drivers that want more of a punch there’s also the performance version of the X3 – the X3 M

It’s not just in terms of fuel choice that BMW allow drivers to really make the X3 their own, there’s also a range of trim levels and optional extras you can add to make the X3 your ideal car. If you want to see what leasing an X3 might cost then take a look at all of our BMW X3 leasing offers


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