We’ve already taken a look at the best family carsSUVs, and electric models for 2023 but we know that doesn’t cover what everyone is looking for, which is why we’ve put together our top selection of hatchbacks that are available for you to drive this year.

Best Hatchbacks of 2023

1. Skoda Octavia 


In the top spot we’ve put the Skoda Octavia! It’s an excellent all rounder, offering plenty of space, the latest features and available at an affordable price!

The fourth generation, Octavia shares its underpinning platform with the VW Golf and SEAT Leon but has a longer body than them, which means it can offer you a bit more room for passengers and a larger boot, with a 600 litre capacity.

You’ll get a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating and plenty of safety equipment across the different specs to help keep you and your family safe on the road. There are driver support systems as well as touches like the optional cargo nets that keep your belongings secure to make sure that travelling is as easy as possible for all.

Skoda is offering the Octavia in petrol, diesel and as plug-in hybrid model which has a range of up to 43 miles powered purely by electric power.

Though we’ve picked it as a top pick for our hatchbacks the Octavia is also available as an estate car and you can see deals on both body shapes on our dedicated Octavia deals page.

2. Honda Civic


The Honda Civic is an iconic hatchback that’s been on UK roads for over fifty years so it’s no surprise it made it into the top five hatches of 2023.

Now in its eleventh generation, the Civic offers drivers a sleek and stylish car with lots of tech as standard and plenty of internal space. Whilst it’s still recognisably a Civic there have been several changes from the last edition to make it more comfortable and improve the build quality and we think the current model is the best yet!

The biggest change from previous models is the engine in the Civic. Unless you opt for the Type R, there is only one engine available in the Civic, which is a 2-litre petrol hybrid engine. The hybrid system is a self-charging one, which means you don’t have to worry about using a public charger instead it will charge itself as you drive. Honda has designed the Civic to run off the electric system where possible for minimum emissions and the best fuel consumption possible.

Honda is still making the Civic Type R for drivers who want a little more performance and power. We’ve got deals on this and the standard Civic if you want to see just how affordable it could be.

3. Vauxhall Astra


The Astra is another hatchback that’s been a successful family car for decades. Vauxhall have recently given the model a revamp with the new eighth-generation edition.

It’s got a bold design with sharp angular lines and the Vizor front grille that really makes it stand out from the crowd. On the inside, Vauxhall continued the updates with a revamp of the cockpit that gives drivers two 10-inch display screens that display key vehicle information and allows you to control the infotainment centre.

You’ve got the choice of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, with a fully electric model due to join the line up shortly, which means you’ll be able to choose the best fuel type for you. The hybrid model is a plug-in that offers you up to 43 miles powered purely by the electric system, while the full EV is expected to offer a 258 mile range.

If you’re looking for your next family hatchback then the Astra is an excellent choice, and we’ve got fantastic leasing deals across the full range for you to explore.

4. Toyota Corolla


Toyota is a Japanese brand that’s known for their hybrid cars, ever since they first introduced the Prius. With an industry that is increasingly becoming electrified we’re seeing more hybrids enter the market but Toyota remains one of the leading manufacturers. We’ve included the Corolla in our top picks as it’s an affordable, efficient and capable car that’s ideal for first time and family drivers alike.

Both petrol engines available on the Corolla are hybrids which means reduced fuel consumption, improves fuel efficiency and reduces your pollution. If you’re looking for something with a punchy drive then we recommend the 2-litre option but the 1.8-litre will be perfectly suitable for most drivers.

If you want to find out more about the Corolla or are interested in getting one for your next new car then why not take a look at our dedicated Corolla page

5. Mazda 3


The final car to make it into our top picks is the Mazda 3. Now in its third generation, this hatchback combines style and substance for a car that’s exciting to look at and drive.

 It’s not just the exterior with its sleek lines, modern lights and glossy colours that exudes style on the Mazda 3. It also has a stylish interior built to a high finish and full of touches like the optional head-up display that not only looks great but enhances the driving experience for you as well.

Mazda works hard to create quiet cars, no matter how powerful the engine is, and the Mazda 3 is one of the quietest cars in the category. There are two engines for you to choose from, both available as an automatic or manual so you’ll be able to choose the best transmission for your driving style. The range-topping 2.0-litre e-Skyactiv X offers drivers 183bhp and an 8.1sec 0-62mph time.

Although we’ve included the Mazda 3 as a hatchback it is also available in a saloon body shape if you want something a little more spacious. We’ve got leasing deals on both body styles if you’d like to take a look at how affordable it could be for you.


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