An estate car is the ideal choice for drivers who want plenty of space, especially in the boot, but don’t want an SUV. They are essentially a hatchback with a longer wheelbase that gives drivers a larger boot space, and often a roomier rear passenger area too. As they are lower to the ground than an SUV, they can be better for those who regularly travel with pets, as it’s easier for them to get in and out of the vehicle. Or for passengers who aren’t able to lift themselves into the higher seats of an SUV.

We’ve rounded up the cream of the crop, with our top five estates that are currently on the market for you to choose from.

The Best Estate Cars for 2023

1. Skoda Superb Estate

skoda superb estate for top 5estates

Our top pick is the Skoda Superb Estate. It’s a fantastic car that offers plenty of space for passengers and cargo with lots of clever hidden storage.

The Superb is currently available as both a hatchback and an estate, but as we’re focusing on the Estate model the details mentioned below will be for that version of the car.

It’s got one of the largest boots in its class with 660 litres without needing to put down any of the rear seating. If you do put the rear seats down you’ll get a whopping 1950 litres.

Not only is there a spacious cargo area, but the rear seats also have plenty of leg, shoulder and headroom so your passengers will be comfortable travelling, even on longer journeys. Skoda has made the current Superb wider than its predecessor which helps ensure that three passengers can fit without feeling cramped.

Skoda currently offers the Superb with a range of engines; petrol, diesel and even a plug-in hybrid (PHEV). The PHEV offers an official electric mileage range of 35 miles, though you realistically will achieve less than this based on a few different factors.

It’s a comfortable and reliable car that has low running costs and offers great value for money, especially if you opt for one of our fantastic leasing deals.

2. BMW 3 Series Touring

BMW 3 series for top 5 estates

Our next pick is the BMW 3 Series Touring, which is an estate version of BMW’s best-selling hatchback the 3 Series.

It’s a great choice for drivers who want an estate but want something a little more compact than the Superb. Although it’s smaller the 3 Series Touring is full of clever touches like a split tailgates and rubberised anti-slip rails in the boot that make it a really capable car.

BMW is a brand that is known for creating cars that are fun and enjoyable to drive and even though it’s practical the 3 Series Touring is no exception. There’s a range of powerful engines for you to choose from including a PHEV for drivers who want a lower tax model. You’ll get great body control, strong grip and optional all-wheel drive in xDrive versions that really make it a joy to drive.

The 3 Series got an update last year and with it gained BMW’s latest iDrive 8 infotainment software, a curved pair of display panels on your dashboard with both a touchscreen and rotary dial controls to make it intuitive and easy to use even while on the move.

If you’re looking for a compact and stylish estate that’s as fun as it is functional then look no further than the 3 Series Touring.

3. MG 5

mg5 top 5 estates

Since it came back in 2006 MG has focused predominantly on SUV models, but they have taken all of the knowledge from the last 18 years and packaged it in a new body with the MG 5 estate.

The MG 5 is a fully electric model, which is currently a rare find in the estate sector, and offers drivers an official electric-powered range of 250 miles between charges. As we mentioned with the PHEV there will be a difference between the official range and what you actually achieve, but even still you’ll have substantial mileage that more than meets your needs.

One downside of the MG 5 being electric is that the boot size is reduced and smaller than other models in the sector at 464 litres but this is still large enough for most families’ daily needs.

MG is one of the most affordable brands on the market and the MG 5 is a great choice for drivers who are looking for an electric estate. To find out more about lease prices for this unique car check out our current deals

4. Mercedes-Benz E Class Estate

Mercedes e class estate top 5 estates

The Mercedes E Class is a favourite of ours in all of its body shapes, but we think it’s particularly impressive as an estate car. It offers drivers a premium finish, a comfortable ride and plenty of space.

Mercedes currently offer the E Class Estate with a range of engine options in petrol, diesel and hybrid.

There’s a 640 litre boot, unless you opt for the hybrid model where it’s reduced to 480 litres.  This estate also has excellent towing capacity with it capable of towing between 1,900 and 2,100  kg depending on the engine option chosen.

You’ll get plenty of features as standard on the E Class Estate, including self-levelling rear suspension and a powered tailgate, which makes carrying cargo much easier. And there’s plenty of space for your passengers with some of the best head, leg and shoulder room in the rear.

5. Toyota Corolla Touring Sport

toyota corolla touring sport top 5 estates

In the last spot, we’ve got the Toyota Corolla Touring Sport. It’s an excellent estate with low running costs and affordable leasing prices

Toyota is only offering the Corolla Touring Sport with its innovative hybrid engine technology, which means that you’ll get great fuel economy whether you opt for the 1.8 or 2 litre petrol engine. This makes it a great choice for drivers who are looking to reduce their fuel bills or company car drivers who want to lower their BIK payments.

It’s spacious enough for a family to fit comfortably, though older teens may find it a little cramped in the rear seats if all three are in use. But it’s the boot where the Corolla really shines, with 581 to 598 litres (depending on engine size) of space, and a reversible floor that is rubberised on one side for easy cleaning after transporting muddy boots.

If you want to see whether a Toyota Corolla Touring Sport is the right choice for you then find out more information, and see our excellent leasing deals, on our dedicated Corolla page.


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