Today is Shrove Tuesday, or as it’s also known Pancake Day. Traditionally it’s the day that people feasted before the start of Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday tomorrow. Over time the day has evolved and lost some of its religious significance instead being celebrated by the religious and atheists alike by eating pancakes and deciding whether they are going to give something up for the four weeks of lent.

To celebrate instead of giving you a pancake recipe, as we’re sure you’ve already seen plenty of these, we’ve rounded up our top five cars that you could cook your pancakes in on the go.

We’ve chosen not to include campervans or caravans as these are a separate category and you’d expect to find a cooker in them. Instead, we’ve got five cars or car accessories that you wouldn’t typically expect to be able to cook with.

1.  A Mini Convertible with the John Cooker Works Package

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In 2017 BWW announced the John Cooker Works package which was an additional package customers could buy for the Mini Convertible that let you turn your car into a mobile café, complete with large counterspace and induction cooker so you can make as many pancakes as you like, there’s plenty of space for you to serve them.

To put the solid oak countertop in place you will just need to put the driver’s seat down, the other seats can remain in place and if bad weather comes you can still put the roof up with the pack in place.

2. A 2015 Japanese Audi A8

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In 2015 Audi launched a special edition of their Audi A8 which included a rice cooker on the armrest between the two rear seats.

Though it’s not the traditional way to make pancakes you can create some really fluffy pancakes using a simple rice cooker.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Japan or have access to a Japanese version of the Audi A8 you’ll be able to cook these up and then enjoy them in the comfortable and spacious rear seats.

3. A Jaguar Using the Jaguar Pressure Cooker

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You might not think that a pancake can be made in a pressure cooker but you’d be wrong. They might look a little different but they taste just as good and there’s a whole list of recipes online that you’ll be able to choose from.

The Jaguar Home Appliances company is currently only based in Thailand so there might be some import costs, and you’re unlikely to get it in time for making your pancakes this year, but once it arrives you simply need to plug it into the 12V socket in your Jaguar. (Or any other car.)

If you’re more interested in a Jaguar car than a cooker then head over to our Jaguar leasing offers.

4. Jamie Oliver’s Bespoke Land Rover Discovery

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In 2017 Jaguar Land Rover partnered with UK TV chef Jamie Oliver to create a fully bespoke Discovery with a number of cooking accessories to turn it into a mobile kitchen.

Jamie’s adaptations include adding a toaster to the existing fridge in the driver’s armrest, a butter churner and ice cream maker on the wheels, a rotisserie and pasta maker to the front and an extending table from the boot of the car which includes a tap and hob.

We know it’s unlikely you’ll know Jamie and be able to borrow his car but we wanted to include this one as it’s a kitchen on wheels.

The hob is perfect for cooking up a couple of pancakes and you can make them savoury for the main course with herbs from the fresh herb garden or sweet for dessert with jam and sauces from the storage compartment that replaced the glove box.

You can see Jamie’s bespoke model on his Youtube channel in a three-part series which begins with this video.

5. Your Current Car

As well as the four specialist vehicles and products we’ve looked at you can also cook on your current vehicle. Many of us have seen the news articles about a car being left in the heat for long enough you could fry an egg on its bonnet or having an engine warm-up enough to bake cookies. Well, you can also create a batch of pancakes in the same way. Though we wouldn’t recommend this, especially in the UK’s current cold weather which is likely to leave you disappointed. 

You can also buy a 12V microwave that you can plug into your vehicle’s socket and use this to make a quick batch of pancakes. 

Please note your vehicle should always be stationary with the handbrake applied when using the features and cooking methods mentioned above. You should always be careful when trying any of the methods suggested above, and if you are ever unsure head to your nearest kitchen instead.

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