There are plenty of accessories that you can get to personalise your car to your needs, from lighting strips to storage solutions, making it safer, more comfortable or just look nicer for you. Our team has put their heads together and come up with their 10 top picks that we think all drivers can benefit from adding to their vehicles.

Best Accessories to Buy for Your Car in 2023

1. Mobile Phone Holder

It’s now illegal to touch your phone in almost all circumstances whilst driving your car so we think it’s important that you keep it in a secure location when on the road. This may be a case of putting it in your glove box, but we know that more drivers use their phone for navigation, music and to see their messaging and notifications while mobile which is why we recommend getting a phone holder for your car.

There’s a range of different options with holders that attach to your dashboard, windscreen and air vents and can hold your phone in a cradle or use a magnet to secure it. You can pick them up from various retailers for as cheaply as £10. We recommend you look at all of the options available to find one that works for your car and phone needs.

Even with a phone holder you should not be touching your phone while driving, so you should make sure you have your sat nav or music playlist set up before you start driving. With modern smartphones you can still use the voice-activated system, such as Siri on an iPhone, to complete actions like skipping to the next song provided it does not distract you from the road.

2. Smartphone Connecting Device

If your phone does not offer smartphone connection, then we recommend looking at a third party device that can connect your phone to your vehicle. This can be as simple as investing in an aux cable so that you can use the car speakers to play your music or having a system installed that fully integrates your phone into the infotainment system.

If you are leasing your car then you should make sure that any modifications you make do not damage the vehicle and you can remove them at the end of the lease.

3. Dash Cam

The next bit of tech we recommend investing in is a dashcam. It is becoming more and more common for drivers to have a dashcam as they can be very useful tools. Firstly, the presence of a dashcam can act as a security measure and deter would be thieves from targeting your car. Secondly, they can assist if you are involved in any kind of accident, as they will record what happens on the road in front of you.

essential car accessories dashcam

4. Car Storage Organiser

Not all of our top car accessories are tech-based – in fact, quite a few are practical suggestions to make your car a more pleasant environment to spend time. If you have to carry a lot of items in your car, or simply like to keep things organised in your boot then we recommend looking at using some kind of boot organiser. These can be really useful in making sure everything stays in place, making it easier to find when you stop but also ensuring that loose items aren’t moving around the cabin causing a distraction to you when driving and a potential hazard in the event of an accident.

There are a number of different solutions for you to choose from, including ones that fit into the boot, under your passenger seats, over the back of the front seats and many more clever options. It will depend on your car and your needs as to which the best option is for you.

5. Car Bin

Another way to keep your car organised, and help with keeping it clean, is to have a small bin to collect your rubbish. Again, there are a number of products that you can buy to use as a bin in your vehicle.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a bin then you can simply keep a carrier bag in the car, that you regularly switch out, to collect rubbish in.

6. First Aid Kit

We recommend that all drivers keep a first aid kit in their car. This will help you in the event of an accident or if you have a minor injury whilst out. You can create a first aid kit yourself or buy one and then add any extras you would like to tailor that.

A few common additions include:

  • Hay fever medication
  • Additional pain killers
  • Extra plasters
  • Sun cream
  • After sun lotion
essential car accessories first aid kit

7. Tyre Inflator

Digital tyre inflators are a great tool to reinflate a slow puncture, or simply to top up your air without needing to go to a petrol station. With most modern cars being provided with run flats rather than a spare wheel a digital inflator can provide you with an additional sense of security allowing you to reinflate the tyre enough to reach a garage or safe location to wait for breakdown assistance.

8. Seat Side Pocket / Gap Filler

Every driver has experienced the annoyance of dropping something down the gap between their seat and the centre console, but there is now finally a solution to this. You can get a simple rubber or plastic strip that fits in this gap and fully covers it, preventing you from losing anything else down it. There are more complex versions, that include additional storage space, cup holders and similar features that help extend the console area.

9. Cleaning Wipes / Spray and Cloth

We think it’s important that you keep your car clean, inside and out, to create a safe and pleasant driving environment. Keeping a small packet of cleaning wipes or a spray and some cloth / kitchen roll that you can use to clean any spill or mark easily and quickly helps you to do this.

Cleaning solutions can be especially helpful if you have younger children who are more likely to drop food in the car.

10. Battery Charger / Booster

The final thing we recommend investing in for 2023 is a digital battery charger. This will not be as useful to drivers with new cars as the battery will also be new and relatively healthy, but if your car is older or you are reaching the end of a battery’s life then you may find a charger useful.

Battery chargers will allow you to recharge your car battery, outside of its usual running and recharging process, which can be helpful if the battery is reaching the end of its life.

Some can also give your car a jump start without needing to connect to another vehicle so that you are never stuck with a flat battery in an inconvenient location. 


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