As we head into the new year and exciting new leasing offers that are coming out we wanted to reflect on our best-selling models of 2022, and what we expect to change in the coming year.

Xcite Car Leasing’s Most Popular Cars of 2022

Our five most popular models were:


Nissan Qashqai 

Our most popular model this year was the Nissan Qashqai. Now in its third generation, the Qashqai is a great choice for drivers who are looking for a spacious and capable SUV.

Over the years the design and features have evolved but the current Qashqai retains the elevated driving position, low running costs and rugged stylish look. There’s a range of trim levels for you to choose from that range from the entry-level Visia up to the bells and whistles Tekna+ that will let you choose from a range of different convenience, safety and styling features.

In terms of engine, there’s two petrol engines which utilise mild hybrid technology and an e-Power hybrid option. The e-Power is unique in that it uses the petrol engine to power a generator that then provides electricity to a motor that drives the wheels.

If you’re looking for a fun family SUV that comes from a reliable brand and has low running costs then we think the Qashqai is a great option and looking at our best-selling models our customers agree!

Audi A1


The second most popular model of 2022 for us has been the Audi A1.

Audi is a prestigious German brand that is classed as one of the big three, along with Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Because of their reputation, Audi is a popular brand and as the entry-level hatchback the A1 is a popular model, and it is one of only a few premium small hatchbacks available.

The A1 is available with a choice of petrol engines depending on how much of a punch you want your car to pack. There is also a wide range of trim options and additional packs you can add to really personalise the A1 to your style, convenience, safety and tech requirements.

If you’re looking for a small hatchback with prestige then the A1 could be the perfect car for you – it’s certainly been the perfect car for a number of our customers!

Audi A3


The A1 wasn’t the only Audi to make it into our top five cars of 2022, the Audi A3 was also a popular choice.

The A3 has been one of the most popular family cars of the 2010s and continues to remain a firm favourite for the 2020s as we’re seeing by its continued popularity with our customers.

There’s a range of petrol engines for you to choose from depending on whether you just need something for driving around town or are after something with a little more power with fast acceleration. Audi are also offering two plug-in hybrid options for drivers who want to start their electric vehicle (EV) journey but aren’t ready for a fully electric car just yet.

We think the A3 is a great choice if you want a spacious car that isn’t an SUV that you can customise for your ideal vehicle, and based on the numbers there’s plenty of drivers who agree.

Mercedes-Benz CLA


We’ve already mentioned that Mercedes-Benz is a German brand that is known for creating high-quality models and the CLA really exemplifies this.

Based on Mercedes best selling A Class hatchback the CLA steps up the luxury and has a much sportier package, with coupe-like lines, nimble handling and a fast pace.

There’s a full range of engines on offer with petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrids for you to choose from. We know that every driver’s needs are different which is why we think a car that offers drivers a range of engines that allows them to choose the one best suited to their driving style and budget is a great car.

BMW 2 Series Coupe 

Rounding out our top five models of 2023 we’ve got the BMW 2 Series Coupe. Now in its second generation the 2 Series Coupe is a compact coupe that is designed for performance but is also practical for every day life.

There’s four seats that an adult can comfortably fit in, though it might get a little cramped for rear passengers on a longer drive, and the boot can fit more than you think.

It has rear-wheel-drive for both the petrol and diesel engine variants and there’s even sportier versions with the M Sport trim level.

We think it’s been a popular choice with our customers because of the seamless pairing of fun and function.


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