As the last month of the year, and one packed full of socialising and bank holidays, December is a month when many people reflect on their circumstances and look to make changes. One of these changes can often be getting a new car.

Winter Car Stock

It’s something we’ve been writing about for years but vehicle stock was significantly affected by several notable worldwide events including; Covid-19, a microchip shortage and the war in Ukraine and we are still seeing extended lead times because of this. So, if you’re looking to get a car this month then you want to opt for an in stock model.

Standard Lease Timeframes

All of the usual timeframes and processes will still need to happen which means you need to be aware of the standard time it takes for a lease to process.

Some of the timeframes you should be aware of include:

  • The time it takes to get documents approved – this can take up to 72 hours from when they are submitted
  • The cooling off period once finance documents are approved – for personal lease agreements this is 14 days during which the car cannot be delivered
  • Delivery – usually between three and seven working days

We’ve got more detailed breakdowns of the leasing process in our guides section or you might want to take a look at the piece we wrote recently on your leasing journey with us.

Seasonal Holiday

Bank holidays and seasonal closures happen across all industries including the automotive industry. This means that there may be reduced staff and fewer working days this month, which makes it trickier to get your order processed and a car delivered. This can affect every aspect of your leasing journey from the finance company’s team who process applications and check signed documents, to the dealership staff and drivers who get your new car to you.

It will have an impact on some of the time frames mentioned above, for example delivery lead times might take a little longer if there are less drivers available or your cool expires during the Christmas period.

Here at Xcite Car Leasing we will have reduced staff from the 23rd of December to the 2nd of January. This means that it might take us a little longer than usual to answer the phone or respond to your emails. Additionally, there will be days we are closed or working on reduced hours, please check our website for Christmas opening times if you’d like to know more about this.

If you have any questions about leasing in December then please get in touch with the team on 0330 221 0000.

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