As Mariah starts playing on the radio and mince pies return we know that many drivers will be planning to travel and visit family and friends over the next month or so and this can lead to a few long distance trips for drivers. To help make those festive trips a little easier we’ve picked five essentials to make sure you keep in the car.

Five Must Have Items for a Long Drive in the Winter

1. Water

We always recommend having a bottle of water with you when driving. A bottle of water is an incredibly useful tool and can help you in a number of different circumstances. It’s a drink if you’re thirsty, can clean windows, plates or lights if they get dirty on muddy roads, and much more.

2. De-Icer / Scraper

We’ve already had several frost snaps but as we head into winter they’re only going to become more common. So, if you’ve not already got one then you should make sure you’ve got the proper supplies to deice your windscreen and windows. We recommend keeping these items in the car when you’re travelling so that you’re not left at a hotel car park trying to clear your windscreen with an old card.

3. A Spare Tyre / Inflation Kit

If you’re going to be travelling, then we recommend making sure that your spare tyre or inflation kit is accessible and in a good condition. For a spare tyre, this means making sure that it’s fully inflated and that any tools you need to change a wheel (jack, locking nut etc) are in the vehicle too. On inflation kits, you will want to check for an expiry date as some may have an expiry date on inflation foam and similar products.

4. Winter Car Kit

The exact things you put into a winter car kit will depend on your car and individual needs but generally you should include:

  • A warning triangle
  • A hi-vis jacket or vest
  • A first-aid kit
  • A small shovel
  • A torch

Then you might choose to include snacks, extra clothes, a blanket or anything else you think would be useful in the winter.

5. Christmas Cards

This one’s not essential for winter driving but can help you out of an awkward social situation if you’re out visiting and forget a card or see someone you hadn’t initially planned to. Keeping a pack of Christmas cards and pen in the car is easy to do and when you reach the end of Christmas simply take them out and save any remaining for next year.

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