Earlier this month Renault gave us a look at their new Megane eVISION fully electric concept car.

Although the design may change significantly from the concept to design it’s exciting to see the direction that Renault are taking the Megane and their electric vehicles.

As part of the unveiling Renault also announced the release of their CMF-EV (Common Module Family and Electric Vehicle) platform. This platform looks modular, which will create a more spacious vehicle without needing extra height or length.

Renault boast that the ultra-thin 60 kWh battery gives it the power of a hatchback while keeping the compact dimensions. They’ve not yet given us a mileage range but with two years before it’s due to be on the market this isn’t surprising as technological developments that improve range may have been made before this car goes into production.

The chassis sits close to the ground to help make it more aerodynamic, which reduces the electric consumption and will improve the driving range.

The concept car has a 60kWh battery that can be fast charged at rates of up to 130kW to reduce the time it takes to charge and get drivers back onto the road as quickly as possible.

Although we’ve seen several pictures of the exterior Renault are yet to reveal what the interior will look like. However, it’s expected to feature a large infotainment screen, similar to the ones that we can see in current cars. You should be able to update this wirelessly as well, so that new features and upgrades can be added without having to visit a dealership.

Without the bulkier combustion engine there’s more room to maximise space for passengers and boot space.

Prices won’t be revealed until the design and specifications are firmed up but it’s expected to be in the mid to high £20,000s before any government grants are deducted.

The Megane eVision is the first in Renault’s new fully electric range and we can expect to see a lot more in the coming years.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more about the eVision.

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